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Compania aeriana: Eznis

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Compania a fost inchisa. Eznis suspended all its flights starting May 22nd 2014
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  • Tigo a zburat din Dalanzadgad in Ulaanbaatar
    I had 3 flights with eznis - from Buyant Uhaa (ULN) to Murun (MXV), from Murun to Dalanzadgad (DLZ) and back to Buyant Uhaa. As a result I had 2 flights delays for 6 hours each (so, the whole day was lost which of course affected my travel plans). Very poor English of the staff even in head-office and nobody knows what is going on. The third trip from Dalanzadgad to Buyant Uhaa wondered even myself. They moved me and my wife from the 9 am flight to the 5 pm flight (most likely to fit into the plane an organised group of tourists) and I found it only when I was trying to check in.
    I would recommend this airlines only if you are happy to lose 3 full days of your trip and stuck in the middle of nowhere for a day or so.
    Onboard service however is good enough.

Inainte de inchidere, Eznis opera zboruri pe urmatoarele rute:

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