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Compania aeriana: Canadian Affair

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  • Bob Marson a zburat din Londra Gatwick in Vancouver Abbotsford
    Very helpful and friendly staff. Clean planes with excellent entertainment. Food not great but flight price was good value
  • Cariol Johnson a zburat din Manchester in Calgary
    Very little leg room, could not recline seats as they had all been disabled so as to get more seats in. Toilets... only three for a 300 to 400 plane load of people. Lumber supports been removed again to get more people in. We are not stupid! Three toilets for all to share! Seats all worn out No in-flight entertainment on a 7 plus hour flight, all broken down. Terrible Terrible! Wish we had paid extra and gone with a better airline, they should be closed down through health and safety. Nightmare flight for us both ways.
  • James McBride a zburat din Ottawa in Londra Gatwick
    Bought Canadian Affairs ticket ended up on Thomas Cook. Read the VERY fine print. TC is a cattle car carrier very little leg room or seat width & food was bad very cheap operation 6 toilets for 350 people. My be OK for short European holiday trip but over 7 - 8 hours to North America don't do it pay a few dollars extra and fly a regular scheduled airline. Both fight to and from the UK were over booked so you may not get on

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