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  • M Edwards a zburat din Roma Fiumicino in Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen
    Our 10.30am flight was pushed back by 5 hours so we lost our planned day trip to Istanbul. (We only found out about the change when we turned up to check in.) When we finally did get to check in, we were told that the flight was running 1.5 hours late. By the time we walked to the gate, the departure time had changed again and was now showing as 6pm!

    This would have caused us to miss our (expensive) flight out of Istanbul back to Sydney, so we had to book an alternative at our own expense.

    The Blu-express staff were unhelpful, indifferent and, from what I could gather, untrained. They didn't seem to understand the way the airport worked and weren't aware of their own policies. They genuinely didn't care about us at all.

    We canceled our flight with Blu-express and tried to get our luggage back so we could check in on the alternative flight we'd booked, but two hours later it still hadn't shown up and we had no choice but to check in on our replacement flight without our luggage. The guys at other airlines (Turkish in particular) were so helpful in sorting out the mess that Blu-express had made, actually telling us what our options were in terms of retrieving our baggage.

    We did ask the girl at the Blu-express desk whether, since we still didn't have our luggage back and the check-in was about to close, they could forward our luggage on. Without even batting an eyelid, she just said: 'no'. And that was all we ever got from Blu-express - 'no', 'don't know', and a lot of indifferent shrugs.

    They cost us time and money and caused an enormous amount of stress, and it really didn't seem to bother them at all.

    This is the most incompetent, unhelpful, unreliable airline service I've encountered in 10 years of regular traveling. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone, ever.

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