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Compania aeriana: Arke

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Compania aeriana Arke
Compania aeriana Arke
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  • Andrea a zburat din Puerto Plata in Amsterdam
    Flew from Amsterdam to Puerto Plata. I paid extra cost baggage (€ 150,00) because desk people in Puerto Plata did a mistake. He put my handbag with my baggage and consider extra costs. He told me that if I do not pay they will not put my baggage in the air-plane. This is not correct. I tried to explain him the situation but he did not accept it and he obliged me to pay this extra costs. For info, when I flew from Amsterdam to Puerto Plata I did not pay any exta cost. This is incredible!
  • Surakshya Sigdel a zburat din Kathmandu in Amsterdam
    It was indeed nice journey with arkefly . ijust loved it direct flight from kathmandu to amsterdam was the greatest advantage. I would like to travel again via Arkefly if i got the lowest possible fair .

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