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  • Michael D. ha volato da Londra a Ginevra
    After spending the afternoon in Geneva , I was scheduled to come back the same evening leaving at 18.00 local time, this flight was much more full than the outgoing journey from LCY that morning, i checked in 1 hour before the flight and the joined the fast moving queue once through security.

    Boarding was quick and painless i was shown to my seat with a smile and a bonjour , and once again we took off just a few minutes late . There was a couple behind me who asked if i knew what the situation was with alcohol on the flight , i said there wasn't any as far as i knew, and they seemed dissapointed . the couple in question who were very pleasant , had missed an earlier flight which was Air France , and after having to purchase fresh tickets were put on Baboo , an airline they had never heard of .

    Take off was as rough as in the morning due to heavy cloud and the small size of the plane , Baboo cant be held responsible for the weather though ! Muffins were served once the seatbelt signs were off but the signs were promptly lit up again as we hit a large band of turbulence , The cabin crew remained smiley annd efficient throughout coming back with tray after tray of fresh baked bread , and even Pea and Coriander soup which was delicious.

    Flying in to LCY the views were spectacular , obviously it was dark so to see London all lit up and being able to recognise landmarks was different to the airports like Heathrow and Gatwick, and really gives you a sense of how central LCY is.

    All in all Baboo have to be considered to be fantastic choice on certain routes, they dont have a business class per say, its called Smart baboo and just gives the extra bit of comfort and attentive service. I arrived home 1 hour after landing , and would highly reccomend London based business travellers consider this airport/flight as a viable option.

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Cibo e bevande in aereo: Una delle principali "caratteristiche" dei voli low cost è il fatto che le compagnie aeree non offrono cibo e bevande gratis in aereo. Certo, ci sono snacks e bevande in vendita in aereo, ma i prezzi sono abbastanza alti. Se il tuo budget è ristretto, magari ti puoi portare dei panini da casa. Comunque ricordati che è vietato avere liquidi nel tuo bagaglio a mano quando passi il controllo di sicurezza!