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Compagnie aérienne: Monarch

La compagnie aérienne Monarch
La compagnie aérienne Monarch
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Nombre de destinations low cost: 208

Les commentaires des passagers

  • маша a volé de Tel Aviv-Jaffa à Londres Luton
    Очень достойная кампания, с командой высокопрофессиональных пилотов и бортпроводников.
  • Carol Bimson a volé de Londres Luton à Corfou
    They were absolutely rubbish and I would never knowingly fly with them ever again. Due to issues at Luton our flight back from Corfu was cancelled and there was no one from Monarch to help. The airport staff at Corfu were clueless and it was a massive free for all to try to get flights home. We were given no food or drinks even though we had been held at the airport for over 6 hours. When we eventually got a flight back it was to Gatwick and we were supposed to be picked up by a coach to take us back to Luton. The coach GOT LOST at Gatwick and took another hour or so to get to us. We went to the Monarch desk which was meant to be open at 03:00 but no one was there and no one tried to help either. When we returned home and tried to claim comp they basically told us to go do one!! The worst service I have ever experienced.
  • Steve a volé de Londres Gatwick à Preveza
    Outward and inward flights both on time, staff were friendly. Reasonably comfortable seats with adaquate leg room.
  • Paul a volé de Londres Gatwick à Málaga
    Prompt flight, not much room though. Staff helpful and friendly
  • Kevin MacDonald a volé de Londres Gatwick à Charm el-Cheikh
    The spacing of the seats was very limited for the flight length 5.5hrs, not comfortable at all. There seemed like more space between rows of seats on an EasyJet flight.

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