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Compagnie aérienne: Cebu Pacific

La compagnie aérienne Cebu Pacific
La compagnie aérienne Cebu Pacific
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Les commentaires des passagers

  • Karl a volé de Manille à Mactan-Cebu
    I'd give them 0 star if I could. Their cabin crew like to treat passengers like you're a pest instead of a customer. After doing their pre-flight headcount I had to assist my mother who was sitting across the aisle. I didn't really stand up, I just leaned over to help her do her seatbelt because she asked me to. The lady doing the PA thing suddenly went live and in a voice that was meant to show you who's boss blared that all passengers were supposed to remain seated and that they had to do the headcount again. Few minutes later I assisted my mother in turning off her mobile phone. The lady promptly came on the mic and in the same tone of voice she had earlier said that we were supposed to have all electronic devices switched off. I absolutely ignored her and turned the phone off at my most leisurely pace, even flashing it about, noting that the seatbelt sign wasn't even on yet. I had a mind to call one of the crew at some point during the flight and really rant at her over her colleague's manners but decided against it. Cebu Pacific flights are habitually late, customer service is terrible, and you do need to keep an eye out for your luggage most of the time. I've been in airplanes since I was ten and have witnessed the rise of budget airlines. I've seen similar incidents happen to myself and other passengers in other carriers, and to the extent that the crew had to enforce house rules, they'd do with nothing else but courtesy for the client, the passenger in question. Cebu Pacific unfortunately has none of that, living up to the intuition that "cheap means low-quality," which other budget carriers have turned on its head. So, this is why Cebu Pacific is Cebu Pacific and is neither Philippine Airlines nor even other budget airlines. To borrow PAL's tagline, "It's about experience"!
  • Connie a volé de Manille à Mactan-Cebu
    Worst airline ever. We actually flew to Caticlan (Godofredo P Ramos Airport) They did not send our bags on our flight. I cannot reach anyone with the number they gave me; they won't answer the phone or the line is busy. We are sitting here in Boracay with four kids, no swimsuits, no umbrellas, no mosquito repellent. Horrible! They have the worst customer service I have ever seen. I even call Manila--I give my cell number and ask them to call me back if we get cut off. They do not even call me back. I have been cut off seven times! I tell them that the call will last only a few minutes before we get cut-off but they won't even take my phone number to return my call. We ran into a lady that used to work for them at the airport. She told us that we should go all the way back to the airport if we want our luggage because they really do not care if and when we get our bags. Advice: DO NOT FLY CEBU PACIFIC AIRLINES!

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