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TUI fly Belgium updated the flight schedule


TUI fly Belgium has announced changes to its route schedule.

The newly added low cost flights are:
Amsterdam (AMS) - Angra do Heroismo (Terceira Island - Azores) (TER) [see flight details]
Amsterdam (AMS) - Pula (PUY) [see flight details]
Amsterdam (AMS) - Gazipasa - Alanya (GZP) [see flight details]
Amsterdam (AMS) - Preveza (PVK) [see flight details]
Amsterdam (AMS) - Paramaribo (PBM) [see flight details]
Amsterdam (AMS) - Orlando/Sanford, FL (SFB) [see flight details]
Amsterdam (AMS) - Kefalonia (EFL) [see flight details]
Amsterdam (AMS) - Karpathos (AOK) [see flight details]
Amsterdam (AMS) - Skiathos (JSI) [see flight details]
Amsterdam (AMS) - Holguin (HOG) [see flight details]
Amsterdam (AMS) - Kaapverdie (Sao Vicente) (VXE) [see flight details]
Amsterdam (AMS) - Flamingo (BON) [see flight details]
Amsterdam (AMS) - Praia (RAI) [see flight details]
Angra do Heroismo (Terceira Island - Azores) (TER) - Amsterdam (AMS) [see flight details]
Flamingo (BON) - Amsterdam (AMS) [see flight details]
Gazipasa - Alanya (GZP) - Amsterdam (AMS) [see flight details]
Holguin (HOG) - Amsterdam (AMS) [see flight details]
Kaapverdie (Sao Vicente) (VXE) - Amsterdam (AMS) [see flight details]
Karpathos (AOK) - Amsterdam (AMS) [see flight details]
Kefalonia (EFL) - Amsterdam (AMS) [see flight details]
Orlando/Sanford, FL (SFB) - Amsterdam (AMS) [see flight details]
Paramaribo (PBM) - Amsterdam (AMS) [see flight details]
Praia (RAI) - Amsterdam (AMS) [see flight details]
Preveza (PVK) - Amsterdam (AMS) [see flight details]
Pula (PUY) - Amsterdam (AMS) [see flight details]
Skiathos (JSI) - Amsterdam (AMS) [see flight details]

The tickets for the newly introduced low cost flights are already available online. TUI fly Belgium is a cheap airline that operates on 560 low cost routes.

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Escort for unaccompanied minors: Some low cost airlines offer escort services for unaccompanied minors - usually aged more than 6 - for a 50 EURO fee per flight. Children are entrusted to a specially trained adult who deals with the border crossing formalities, takes care of the children during the flight and safely delivers them to the person waiting for them at the end of the journey. Obviously, it is not possible for under-age children to travel on indirect lowcost flights, because it is not the escort's job to check children in for the onward flight. However, the escort will collect children's luggage after a direct flight. In order to know what the requirements for minors to travel alone are, inquire with the Border Police.