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Air Austral updated the flight schedule


Air Austral has announced changes to its route schedule.

The newly added low cost flights are:
Antananarivo (TNR) - Vienna (Schwechat) (VIE) [see flight details]
Dzaoudzi Mayotte (DZA) - Vienna (Schwechat) (VIE) [see flight details]
Mahe (SEZ) - Vienna (Schwechat) (VIE) [see flight details]
Mauritius (MRU) - Vienna (Schwechat) (VIE) [see flight details]
Nossi-Be (Nosy-Be) (NOS) - Vienna (Schwechat) (VIE) [see flight details]
Reunion (RUN) - Vienna (Schwechat) (VIE) [see flight details]
Tamatave (TMM) - Vienna (Schwechat) (VIE) [see flight details]
Vienna (Schwechat) (VIE) - Antananarivo (TNR) [see flight details]
Vienna (Schwechat) (VIE) - Mauritius (MRU) [see flight details]
Vienna (Schwechat) (VIE) - Mahe (SEZ) [see flight details]
Vienna (Schwechat) (VIE) - Tamatave (TMM) [see flight details]
Vienna (Schwechat) (VIE) - Dzaoudzi Mayotte (DZA) [see flight details]
Vienna (Schwechat) (VIE) - Nossi-Be (Nosy-Be) (NOS) [see flight details]
Vienna (Schwechat) (VIE) - Reunion (RUN) [see flight details]

The tickets for the newly introduced low cost flights are already available online. Air Austral is a cheap airline that operates on 886 low cost routes.

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Avoid school holidays: Many cheap airlines take advantage of school holidays to increase their prices, as they expect to have a larger number of passengers than usual. During these periods a late booking (1 week before departure) may result in your paying more than the price of a ticket with a regular airline. It is therefore advisable to avoid these periods, if possible.