Low cost flights to Falkland Isl.( Malvinas) - full list of cheap airlines
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Fly low cost from Falkland Isl.( Malvinas)

Fly low cost from Falkland Isl.( Malvinas)

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LATAM airlines has 12 flights from Falkland Isl.( Malvinas)

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Should I buy my ticket online or through a travel agent?: Most travel agents also sell tickets for lowcost flights. A travel agent usually buys a large number of tickets at once, so that he may have some discount on the total price. But he adds a commission to the initial price. So if you buy your ticket through a travel agent you may pay a higher final price for your plane ticket. It's always a good idea to compare prices before buying your ticket. However, keep in mind that the cheapest tickets sell first, so don't waste too much time comparing!