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Closest Airport to Ottawa airport (YOW), Canada

Ottawa airport - view flight list

Airport nameOttawa
IATA Airport CodeYOW
ICAO Airport CodeCYOW
Cheap flights215
Cheap airlines15

Closest Airport to Ottawa airport (YOW), Canada

Executive Gatineau-Ottawa at 23.62 km.   See all flights from Executive Gatineau-Ottawa 0 flights
Ogdensburg, NY, USA at 72.90 km.   See all flights from Ogdensburg, NY 2 flights
Massena, NY, USA at 77.55 km.   See all flights from Massena, NY 2 flights
Montreal Montréal Mirabel at 133.25 km.   See all flights from Montreal Montréal Mirabel 0 flights
La Macaza at 133.26 km.   See all flights from La Macaza 0 flights
Cape Air operates 4 flights in the Ottawa airport (YOW), Canada area

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Cities near Ottawa airport (YOW), Canada

Almonte, ON (distance between Almonte ON and Ottawa airport: 43.21 km) at 43.21 km
Aylmer, QC (distance between Aylmer QC and Ottawa airport: 16.56 km) at 16.56 km
Britannia, ON (distance between Britannia ON and Ottawa airport: 11.36 km) at 11.36 km
Buckingham, QC (distance between Buckingham QC and Ottawa airport: 35.09 km) at 35.09 km
Cantley QC (distance between Cantley QC and Ottawa airport: 28.60 km) at 28.60 km
Carleton Place, ON (distance between Carleton Place ON and Ottawa airport: 42.04 km) at 42.04 km
Carp, ON (distance between Carp ON and Ottawa airport: 28.65 km) at 28.65 km
Chesterville, ON (distance between Chesterville ON and Ottawa airport: 43.27 km) at 43.27 km
Crysler ON (distance between Crysler ON and Ottawa airport: 42.37 km) at 42.37 km
Cumberland, ON (distance between Cumberland ON and Ottawa airport: 29.88 km) at 29.88 km
Gatineau, QC (distance between Gatineau QC and Ottawa airport: 17.96 km) at 17.96 km
Gloucester, ON (distance between Gloucester ON and Ottawa airport: 11.80 km) at 11.80 km
Greely, ON (distance between Greely ON and Ottawa airport: 10.43 km) at 10.43 km
Hammond ON (distance between Hammond ON and Ottawa airport: 35.99 km) at 35.99 km
Hull, ON (distance between Hull ON and Ottawa airport: 13.31 km) at 13.31 km
Hull, QC (distance between Hull QC and Ottawa airport: 13.31 km) at 13.31 km
Kanata, ON (distance between Kanata ON and Ottawa airport: 18.10 km) at 18.10 km
Kemptville, ON (distance between Kemptville ON and Ottawa airport: 34.15 km) at 34.15 km
Leonard ON (distance between Leonard ON and Ottawa airport: 27.25 km) at 27.25 km
Limoges, ON (distance between Limoges ON and Ottawa airport: 32.82 km) at 32.82 km
Luskville, QC (distance between Luskville QC and Ottawa airport: 33.69 km) at 33.69 km
Manotick, ON (distance between Manotick ON and Ottawa airport: 9.22 km) at 9.22 km
Masson, QC (distance between Masson QC and Ottawa airport: 32.09 km) at 32.09 km
Metcalfe ON (distance between Metcalfe ON and Ottawa airport: 18.10 km) at 18.10 km
Nepean, ON (distance between Nepean ON and Ottawa airport: 8.34 km) at 8.34 km
North Gower ON (distance between North Gower ON and Ottawa airport: 21.28 km) at 21.28 km
Old Chelsea, QC (distance between Old Chelsea QC and Ottawa airport: 22.87 km) at 22.87 km
Orleans, ON (distance between Orleans ON and Ottawa airport: 19.99 km) at 19.99 km
Osgoode ON (distance between Osgoode ON and Ottawa airport: 19.99 km) at 19.99 km
Ottawa, BC (distance between Ottawa BC and Ottawa airport: 10.76 km) at 10.76 km
Ottawa, ON (distance between Ottawa ON and Ottawa airport: 10.76 km) at 10.76 km
Ottawa, QC (distance between Ottawa QC and Ottawa airport: 10.76 km) at 10.76 km
Richelieu, QC (distance between Richelieu QC and Ottawa airport: 35.71 km) at 35.71 km
Richmond, ON (distance between Richmond ON and Ottawa airport: 20.13 km) at 20.13 km
Rockland, ON (distance between Rockland ON and Ottawa airport: 38.20 km) at 38.20 km
Russell, ON (distance between Russell ON and Ottawa airport: 25.19 km) at 25.19 km
Stittsville, ON (distance between Stittsville ON and Ottawa airport: 21.00 km) at 21.00 km
Templeton, QC (distance between Templeton QC and Ottawa airport: 18.70 km) at 18.70 km
Val-des-monts QC (distance between Valdesmonts QC and Ottawa airport: 36.46 km) at 36.46 km
Vars ON (distance between Vars ON and Ottawa airport: 25.17 km) at 25.17 km
Wakefield, QC (distance between Wakefield QC and Ottawa airport: 40.27 km) at 40.27 km
Winchester, ON (distance between Winchester ON and Ottawa airport: 35.21 km) at 35.21 km

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