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Closest Airport to Vernal airport (VEL), USA

Vernal airport - view flight list

Airport nameVernal
IATA Airport CodeVEL
ICAO Airport CodeKVEL
CityVernal, UT
Cheap flights0
Cheap airlines0

Closest Airport to Vernal airport (VEL), USA

Rock Springs-Sweetwater County at 134.13 km.   See all flights from Rock Springs-Sweetwater County 2 flights
Walker Field at 169.87 km.   See all flights from Walker Field 109 flights
Canyonlands Field at 188.01 km.   See all flights from Canyonlands Field 0 flights
Provo at 189.28 km.   See all flights from Provo 3 flights
Yampa Valley at 194.01 km.   See all flights from Yampa Valley 109 flights
Aeromexico operates 210 flights in the Vernal airport (VEL), USA area LATAM operates 6 flights in the Vernal airport (VEL), USA area Allegiant Airways operates 4 flights in the Vernal airport (VEL), USA area Virgin Atlantic operates 3 flights in the Vernal airport (VEL), USA area

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Cities near Vernal airport (VEL), USA

Altamont, UT (distance between Altamont UT and Vernal airport: 63.09 km) at 63.09 km
Bluebell, UT (distance between Bluebell UT and Vernal airport: 60.02 km) at 60.02 km
Dinosaur, CO (distance between Dinosaur CO and Vernal airport: 62.69 km) at 62.69 km
Dutch John, UT (distance between Dutch John UT and Vernal airport: 55.24 km) at 55.24 km
Fort Duchesne, UT (distance between Fort Duchesne UT and Vernal airport: 29.86 km) at 29.86 km
Jensen, UT (distance between Jensen UT and Vernal airport: 20.93 km) at 20.93 km
Lapoint, UT (distance between Lapoint UT and Vernal airport: 28.62 km) at 28.62 km
Manila, UT (distance between Manila UT and Vernal airport: 61.66 km) at 61.66 km
Myton, UT (distance between Myton UT and Vernal airport: 52.61 km) at 52.61 km
Neola, UT (distance between Neola UT and Vernal airport: 41.11 km) at 41.11 km
Randlett, UT (distance between Randlett UT and Vernal airport: 33.36 km) at 33.36 km
Roosevelt, UT (distance between Roosevelt UT and Vernal airport: 46.05 km) at 46.05 km
Tridell, UT (distance between Tridell UT and Vernal airport: 28.53 km) at 28.53 km
Vernal, UT (distance between Vernal UT and Vernal airport: 13.48 km) at 13.48 km
Whiterocks, UT (distance between Whiterocks UT and Vernal airport: 35.41 km) at 35.41 km

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