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Closest Airport to Roros airport (RRS), Norway

Roros airport - view flight list

Airport nameRoros
IATA Airport CodeRRS
ICAO Airport CodeENRO
Cheap flights0
Cheap airlines0

Closest Airport to Roros airport (RRS), Norway

Funasdalen, Sweden at 62.05 km.   See all flights from Funasdalen 0 flights
Trondheim Værnes at 99.90 km.   See all flights from Trondheim Værnes 147 flights
Sveg, Sweden at 169.66 km.   See all flights from Sveg 0 flights
Ostersund, Sweden at 174.17 km.   See all flights from Ostersund 16 flights
Kvernberget at 188.40 km.   See all flights from Kvernberget 21 flights
Norwegian operates 121 flights in the Roros airport (RRS), Norway area LATAM operates 31 flights in the Roros airport (RRS), Norway area Malmo Aviation operates 12 flights in the Roros airport (RRS), Norway area Wideroe operates 10 flights in the Roros airport (RRS), Norway area Eastern Airways operates 5 flights in the Roros airport (RRS), Norway area EasyJet operates 3 flights in the Roros airport (RRS), Norway area

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Cities near Roros airport (RRS), Norway

Aalen (distance between Aalen and Roros airport: 30.34 km) at 30.34 km
Almaas (distance between Almaas and Roros airport: 50.76 km) at 50.76 km
Alvdal (distance between Alvdal and Roros airport: 62.71 km) at 62.71 km
Austbo (distance between Austbo and Roros airport: 62.60 km) at 62.60 km
Bjorgan (distance between Bjorgan and Roros airport: 38.48 km) at 38.48 km
Breen (distance between Breen and Roros airport: 12.74 km) at 12.74 km
Brekkan (distance between Brekkan and Roros airport: 55.28 km) at 55.28 km
Bruksvallarna, Sweden (distance between Bruksvallarna, Sweden and Roros airport: 56.09 km) at 56.09 km
Buvika (distance between Buvika and Roros airport: 53.19 km) at 53.19 km
Funasdalen, Sweden (distance between Funasdalen, Sweden and Roros airport: 62.05 km) at 62.05 km
Glamos (distance between Glamos and Roros airport: 12.19 km) at 12.19 km
Haltdalen (distance between Haltdalen and Roros airport: 40.67 km) at 40.67 km
Hegset (distance between Hegset and Roros airport: 25.69 km) at 25.69 km
Hjortviken, Sweden (distance between Hjortviken, Sweden and Roros airport: 55.73 km) at 55.73 km
Holtalen (distance between Holtalen and Roros airport: 40.67 km) at 40.67 km
Kotsoy (distance between Kotsoy and Roros airport: 58.58 km) at 58.58 km
Moan (distance between Moan and Roros airport: 44.20 km) at 44.20 km
Moseng (distance between Moseng and Roros airport: 12.66 km) at 12.66 km
Neby (distance between Neby and Roros airport: 44.36 km) at 44.36 km
Noren (distance between Noren and Roros airport: 9.64 km) at 9.64 km
Røros (distance between Roros and Roros airport: 2.89 km) at 2.89 km
Singsaas (distance between Singsaas and Roros airport: 53.71 km) at 53.71 km
Tolga (distance between Tolga and Roros airport: 25.28 km) at 25.28 km
Troan (distance between Troan and Roros airport: 49.33 km) at 49.33 km
Tynset (distance between Tynset and Roros airport: 43.79 km) at 43.79 km
Vingelen (distance between Vingelen and Roros airport: 29.79 km) at 29.79 km

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