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Closest Airport to Redding airport (RDD), USA

Redding airport - view flight list

Airport nameRedding
IATA Airport CodeRDD
ICAO Airport CodeKRDD
Cheap flights2
Cheap airlines2

Closest Airport to Redding airport (RDD), USA

Arcata at 161.04 km.   See all flights from Arcata 5 flights
Nevada County at 180.17 km.   See all flights from Nevada County 0 flights
Sacramento, CA at 209.87 km.   See all flights from Sacramento, CA 497 flights
Bath Spa at 211.81 km.   See all flights from Bath Spa 3 flights
Medford at 213.07 km.   See all flights from Medford 132 flights
Aeromexico operates 370 flights in the Redding airport (RDD), USA area Southwest Airlines operates 102 flights in the Redding airport (RDD), USA area JetBlue operates 41 flights in the Redding airport (RDD), USA area Virgin Australia operates 34 flights in the Redding airport (RDD), USA area LATAM operates 19 flights in the Redding airport (RDD), USA area Volaris operates 18 flights in the Redding airport (RDD), USA area

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Cities near Redding airport (RDD), USA

Anderson, CA (distance between Anderson CA and Redding airport: 7.62 km) at 7.62 km
Bella Vista, CA (distance between Bella Vista CA and Redding airport: 28.24 km) at 28.24 km
Burney, CA (distance between Burney CA and Redding airport: 67.90 km) at 67.90 km
Castella, CA (distance between Castella CA and Redding airport: 67.21 km) at 67.21 km
Corning, CA (distance between Corning CA and Redding airport: 63.91 km) at 63.91 km
Cottonwood, CA (distance between Cottonwood CA and Redding airport: 22.39 km) at 22.39 km
Douglas City, CA (distance between Douglas City CA and Redding airport: 48.86 km) at 48.86 km
Flournoy, CA (distance between Flournoy CA and Redding airport: 64.64 km) at 64.64 km
French Gulch, CA (distance between French Gulch CA and Redding airport: 36.40 km) at 36.40 km
Gerber, CA (distance between Gerber CA and Redding airport: 53.05 km) at 53.05 km
Igo, CA (distance between Igo CA and Redding airport: 34.83 km) at 34.83 km
Lakehead, CA (distance between Lakehead CA and Redding airport: 43.92 km) at 43.92 km
Lewiston, CA (distance between Lewiston CA and Redding airport: 55.78 km) at 55.78 km
Los Molinos, CA (distance between Los Molinos CA and Redding airport: 53.49 km) at 53.49 km
Manton, CA (distance between Manton CA and Redding airport: 39.72 km) at 39.72 km
Millville, CA (distance between Millville CA and Redding airport: 20.15 km) at 20.15 km
Mineral, CA (distance between Mineral CA and Redding airport: 62.46 km) at 62.46 km
Montgomery Creek, CA (distance between Montgomery Creek CA and Redding airport: 52.20 km) at 52.20 km
Oak Run, CA (distance between Oak Run CA and Redding airport: 28.94 km) at 28.94 km
Palo Cedro, CA (distance between Palo Cedro CA and Redding airport: 11.08 km) at 11.08 km
Paskenta, CA (distance between Paskenta CA and Redding airport: 66.35 km) at 66.35 km
Paynes Creek, CA (distance between Paynes Creek CA and Redding airport: 39.86 km) at 39.86 km
Platina, CA (distance between Platina CA and Redding airport: 53.77 km) at 53.77 km
Proberta, CA (distance between Proberta CA and Redding airport: 48.29 km) at 48.29 km
Red Bluff, CA (distance between Red Bluff CA and Redding airport: 41.93 km) at 41.93 km
Redding, CA (distance between Redding CA and Redding airport: 12.71 km) at 12.71 km
Round Mountain, CA (distance between Round Mountain CA and Redding airport: 40.31 km) at 40.31 km
Shasta Lake, CA (distance between Shasta Lake CA and Redding airport: 22.05 km) at 22.05 km
Shasta, CA (distance between Shasta CA and Redding airport: 22.50 km) at 22.50 km
Shingletown, CA (distance between Shingletown CA and Redding airport: 41.56 km) at 41.56 km
Tehama, CA (distance between Tehama CA and Redding airport: 54.91 km) at 54.91 km
Vina, CA (distance between Vina CA and Redding airport: 67.20 km) at 67.20 km
Weaverville, CA (distance between Weaverville CA and Redding airport: 60.19 km) at 60.19 km
West Tehama County, CA (distance between West Tehama County CA and Redding airport: 41.93 km) at 41.93 km
Whiskeytown, CA (distance between Whiskeytown CA and Redding airport: 34.73 km) at 34.73 km
Whitmore, CA (distance between Whitmore CA and Redding airport: 39.07 km) at 39.07 km

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