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Closest Airport to Parma airport (PMF), Italy

Parma airport - view flight list

Airport nameParma
IATA Airport CodePMF
ICAO Airport CodeLIMP
Cheap flights3
Cheap airlines1

Closest Airport to Parma airport (PMF), Italy

Verona Brescia at 67.33 km.   See all flights from Verona Brescia 0 flights
Verona Valerio Catullo at 78.77 km.   See all flights from Verona Valerio Catullo 204 flights
Bologna Guglielmo Marconi at 85.05 km.   See all flights from Bologna Guglielmo Marconi 551 flights
Milan Orio al Serio at 105.31 km.   See all flights from Milan Orio al Serio 182 flights
Milan Linate at 105.72 km.   See all flights from Milan Linate 34 flights
LATAM operates 131 flights in the Parma airport (PMF), Italy area Ryanair operates 121 flights in the Parma airport (PMF), Italy area Pegasus operates 103 flights in the Parma airport (PMF), Italy area Norwegian operates 97 flights in the Parma airport (PMF), Italy area Vueling operates 90 flights in the Parma airport (PMF), Italy area Flydubai operates 70 flights in the Parma airport (PMF), Italy area

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Cities near Parma airport (PMF), Italy

Alseno (distance between Alseno and Parma airport: 26.07 km) at 26.07 km
Banzola (distance between Banzola and Parma airport: 22.99 km) at 22.99 km
Basilicanova (distance between Basilicanova and Parma airport: 14.49 km) at 14.49 km
Belicchi (distance between Belicchi and Parma airport: 9.31 km) at 9.31 km
Bianconese (distance between Bianconese and Parma airport: 6.88 km) at 6.88 km
Bibbiano (distance between Bibbiano and Parma airport: 22.14 km) at 22.14 km
Boretto (distance between Boretto and Parma airport: 21.72 km) at 21.72 km
Borghese (distance between Borghese and Parma airport: 21.77 km) at 21.77 km
Brescello (distance between Brescello and Parma airport: 19.33 km) at 19.33 km
Cade (distance between Cade and Parma airport: 21.31 km) at 21.31 km
Cadelbosco (distance between Cadelbosco and Parma airport: 24.85 km) at 24.85 km
Cadelbosco Di Sopra (distance between Cadelbosco Di Sopra and Parma airport: 24.85 km) at 24.85 km
Cadelbosco Di Sotto (distance between Cadelbosco Di Sotto and Parma airport: 25.46 km) at 25.46 km
Calerno (distance between Calerno and Parma airport: 17.20 km) at 17.20 km
Camigliano (distance between Camigliano and Parma airport: 24.86 km) at 24.86 km
Campegine (distance between Campegine and Parma airport: 19.28 km) at 19.28 km
Carzeto (distance between Carzeto and Parma airport: 15.84 km) at 15.84 km
Casalbellotto (distance between Casalbellotto and Parma airport: 20.93 km) at 20.93 km
Casalmaggiore (distance between Casalmaggiore and Parma airport: 20.73 km) at 20.73 km
Caselle (distance between Caselle and Parma airport: 21.16 km) at 21.16 km
Castelguelfo (distance between Castelguelfo and Parma airport: 8.96 km) at 8.96 km
Castelnovo Di Sotto (distance between Castelnovo Di Sotto and Parma airport: 21.38 km) at 21.38 km
Castelnuovo Di Sotto (distance between Castelnuovo Di Sotto and Parma airport: 21.38 km) at 21.38 km
Castione (distance between Castione and Parma airport: 23.13 km) at 23.13 km
Castione De' Baratti (distance between Castione De Baratti and Parma airport: 25.57 km) at 25.57 km
Cavriago (distance between Cavriago and Parma airport: 22.26 km) at 22.26 km
Cerruti (distance between Cerruti and Parma airport: 18.57 km) at 18.57 km
Chiozzola (distance between Chiozzola and Parma airport: 8.25 km) at 8.25 km
Cicognara (distance between Cicognara and Parma airport: 19.40 km) at 19.40 km
Cocconi (distance between Cocconi and Parma airport: 3.67 km) at 3.67 km
Cogozzo (distance between Cogozzo and Parma airport: 21.20 km) at 21.20 km
Collecchio (distance between Collecchio and Parma airport: 10.39 km) at 10.39 km
Colorno (distance between Colorno and Parma airport: 13.93 km) at 13.93 km
Contrada Della Chiesa (distance between Contrada Della Chiesa and Parma airport: 26.09 km) at 26.09 km
Felegara (distance between Felegara and Parma airport: 18.57 km) at 18.57 km
Felino (distance between Felino and Parma airport: 14.32 km) at 14.32 km
Fidenza (distance between Fidenza and Parma airport: 19.98 km) at 19.98 km
Fiesso (distance between Fiesso and Parma airport: 12.18 km) at 12.18 km
Fontanellato (distance between Fontanellato and Parma airport: 12.13 km) at 12.13 km
Fontevivo (distance between Fontevivo and Parma airport: 10.60 km) at 10.60 km
Fornovo Di Taro (distance between Fornovo Di Taro and Parma airport: 20.79 km) at 20.79 km
Gaida (distance between Gaida and Parma airport: 19.29 km) at 19.29 km
Gattatico (distance between Gattatico and Parma airport: 11.17 km) at 11.17 km
Gazzolo (distance between Gazzolo and Parma airport: 17.61 km) at 17.61 km
Gussola (distance between Gussola and Parma airport: 19.76 km) at 19.76 km
Langhirano (distance between Langhirano and Parma airport: 23.24 km) at 23.24 km
Lemignano (distance between Lemignano and Parma airport: 8.61 km) at 8.61 km
Lentigione (distance between Lentigione and Parma airport: 15.50 km) at 15.50 km
Lesignano De' Bagni (distance between Lesignano De Bagni and Parma airport: 19.42 km) at 19.42 km
Marzolara (distance between Marzolara and Parma airport: 23.61 km) at 23.61 km
Medesano (distance between Medesano and Parma airport: 15.30 km) at 15.30 km
Mezzani (distance between Mezzani and Parma airport: 14.92 km) at 14.92 km
Mezzano Inferiore (distance between Mezzano Inferiore and Parma airport: 16.93 km) at 16.93 km
Montecchio (distance between Montecchio and Parma airport: 18.43 km) at 18.43 km
Montecchio Emilia (distance between Montecchio Emilia and Parma airport: 18.43 km) at 18.43 km
Montechiarugolo (distance between Montechiarugolo and Parma airport: 16.81 km) at 16.81 km
Motta Baluffi (distance between Motta Baluffi and Parma airport: 25.37 km) at 25.37 km
Noceto (distance between Noceto and Parma airport: 9.31 km) at 9.31 km
Pannocchia (distance between Pannocchia and Parma airport: 15.71 km) at 15.71 km
Parigi (distance between Parigi and Parma airport: 18.01 km) at 18.01 km
Parma (distance between Parma and Parma airport: 4.00 km) at 4.00 km
Parola (distance between Parola and Parma airport: 15.74 km) at 15.74 km
Pezzano (distance between Pezzano and Parma airport: 25.54 km) at 25.54 km
Pomponesco (distance between Pomponesco and Parma airport: 24.87 km) at 24.87 km
Ponte Nuovo (distance between Ponte Nuovo and Parma airport: 23.14 km) at 23.14 km
Quattro Castella (distance between Quattro Castella and Parma airport: 25.19 km) at 25.19 km
Rimale (distance between Rimale and Parma airport: 23.00 km) at 23.00 km
Rivalta (distance between Rivalta and Parma airport: 21.34 km) at 21.34 km
Rivarolo Del Re Ed Uniti (distance between Rivarolo Del Re Ed Uniti and Parma airport: 25.27 km) at 25.27 km
Riviera (distance between Riviera and Parma airport: 18.42 km) at 18.42 km
Roccabianca (distance between Roccabianca and Parma airport: 20.52 km) at 20.52 km
Ronchetti (distance between Ronchetti and Parma airport: 9.76 km) at 9.76 km
Sala Baganza (distance between Sala Baganza and Parma airport: 12.98 km) at 12.98 km
Salsomaggiore (distance between Salsomaggiore and Parma airport: 24.71 km) at 24.71 km
Salsomaggiore Terme (distance between Salsomaggiore Terme and Parma airport: 24.71 km) at 24.71 km
San Donnino (distance between San Donnino and Parma airport: 19.98 km) at 19.98 km
San Geminiano (distance between San Geminiano and Parma airport: 13.92 km) at 13.92 km
San Polo D'enza (distance between San Polo D enza and Parma airport: 23.88 km) at 23.88 km
San Secondo Parmense (distance between San Secondo Parmense and Parma airport: 11.40 km) at 11.40 km
Sant'ilario D'enza (distance between Sant ilario D enza and Parma airport: 13.75 km) at 13.75 km
Santa Caterina (distance between Santa Caterina and Parma airport: 19.58 km) at 19.58 km
Scandolara Ravara (distance between Scandolara Ravara and Parma airport: 25.12 km) at 25.12 km
Scarzara (distance between Scarzara and Parma airport: 4.69 km) at 4.69 km
Scipione (distance between Scipione and Parma airport: 26.02 km) at 26.02 km
Sissa (distance between Sissa and Parma airport: 16.25 km) at 16.25 km
Soragna (distance between Soragna and Parma airport: 18.63 km) at 18.63 km
Sorbolo (distance between Sorbolo and Parma airport: 12.47 km) at 12.47 km
Strognano (distance between Strognano and Parma airport: 20.04 km) at 20.04 km
Torrechiara (distance between Torrechiara and Parma airport: 19.44 km) at 19.44 km
Torricella Del Pizzo (distance between Torricella Del Pizzo and Parma airport: 21.42 km) at 21.42 km
Torrile (distance between Torrile and Parma airport: 10.40 km) at 10.40 km
Traversetolo (distance between Traversetolo and Parma airport: 22.36 km) at 22.36 km
Trecasali (distance between Trecasali and Parma airport: 12.34 km) at 12.34 km
Viadana (distance between Viadana and Parma airport: 21.20 km) at 21.20 km
Viarolo (distance between Viarolo and Parma airport: 5.95 km) at 5.95 km
Vicobellignano (distance between Vicobellignano and Parma airport: 21.19 km) at 21.19 km
Vicofertile (distance between Vicofertile and Parma airport: 5.85 km) at 5.85 km
Vigatto (distance between Vigatto and Parma airport: 12.35 km) at 12.35 km
Viola (distance between Viola and Parma airport: 23.34 km) at 23.34 km
Zibello (distance between Zibello and Parma airport: 24.95 km) at 24.95 km

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