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Closest Airport to Mardin airport (MQM), Turkey

Mardin airport - view flight list

Airport nameMardin
IATA Airport CodeMQM
Cheap flights9
Cheap airlines2

Closest Airport to Mardin airport (MQM), Turkey

Diyarbakir at 83.74 km.   See all flights from Diyarbakir 106 flights
Batman at 89.43 km.   See all flights from Batman 54 flights
Siirt at 135.95 km.   See all flights from Siirt 5 flights
Sanliurfa at 158.96 km.   See all flights from Sanliurfa 56 flights
Mus at 192.05 km.   See all flights from Mus 62 flights
Pegasus operates 234 flights in the Mardin airport (MQM), Turkey area SunExpress operates 32 flights in the Mardin airport (MQM), Turkey area Borajet operates 6 flights in the Mardin airport (MQM), Turkey area Sky Airlines operates 5 flights in the Mardin airport (MQM), Turkey area AtlasJet operates 2 flights in the Mardin airport (MQM), Turkey area Ticketpot operates 2 flights in the Mardin airport (MQM), Turkey area

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Cities near Mardin airport (MQM), Turkey

Abdurrahman (distance between Abdurrahman and Mardin airport: 37.40 km) at 37.40 km
Alpata (distance between Alpata and Mardin airport: 29.61 km) at 29.61 km
Ambarli (distance between Ambarli and Mardin airport: 30.88 km) at 30.88 km
Aykut (distance between Aykut and Mardin airport: 32.69 km) at 32.69 km
Bagacik (distance between Bagacik and Mardin airport: 50.62 km) at 50.62 km
Bahteri (distance between Bahteri and Mardin airport: 56.86 km) at 56.86 km
Basak (distance between Basak and Mardin airport: 20.74 km) at 20.74 km
Basaran (distance between Basaran and Mardin airport: 47.24 km) at 47.24 km
Bozcali (distance between Bozcali and Mardin airport: 63.12 km) at 63.12 km
Cakir (distance between Cakir and Mardin airport: 22.92 km) at 22.92 km
Calisan (distance between Calisan and Mardin airport: 42.43 km) at 42.43 km
Derik (distance between Derik and Mardin airport: 35.52 km) at 35.52 km
Deris (distance between Deris and Mardin airport: 50.22 km) at 50.22 km
Desan (distance between Desan and Mardin airport: 34.44 km) at 34.44 km
Disan (distance between Disan and Mardin airport: 46.15 km) at 46.15 km
Doganli (distance between Doganli and Mardin airport: 42.35 km) at 42.35 km
Dogus (distance between Dogus and Mardin airport: 36.38 km) at 36.38 km
Doruk (distance between Doruk and Mardin airport: 55.29 km) at 55.29 km
Erdem (distance between Erdem and Mardin airport: 8.64 km) at 8.64 km
Eroglu (distance between Eroglu and Mardin airport: 5.45 km) at 5.45 km
Eser (distance between Eser and Mardin airport: 57.53 km) at 57.53 km
Ikizoluk (distance between Ikizoluk and Mardin airport: 54.60 km) at 54.60 km
Kamishli, Syria (distance between Kamishli, Syria and Mardin airport: 56.20 km) at 56.20 km
Kayapinar (distance between Kayapinar and Mardin airport: 60.05 km) at 60.05 km
Kosuyolu (distance between Kosuyolu and Mardin airport: 45.82 km) at 45.82 km
Mardin (distance between Mardin and Mardin airport: 14.07 km) at 14.07 km
Mazidagi (distance between Mazidagi and Mardin airport: 30.82 km) at 30.82 km
Mesken (distance between Mesken and Mardin airport: 48.56 km) at 48.56 km
Mollapolat (distance between Mollapolat and Mardin airport: 59.69 km) at 59.69 km
Oztas (distance between Oztas and Mardin airport: 29.86 km) at 29.86 km
Sakalli (distance between Sakalli and Mardin airport: 44.55 km) at 44.55 km
Sanli (distance between Sanli and Mardin airport: 34.44 km) at 34.44 km
Seker (distance between Seker and Mardin airport: 57.17 km) at 57.17 km
Suri (distance between Suri and Mardin airport: 30.36 km) at 30.36 km
Tarim (distance between Tarim and Mardin airport: 32.51 km) at 32.51 km
Tasit (distance between Tasit and Mardin airport: 35.86 km) at 35.86 km
Yasar (distance between Yasar and Mardin airport: 17.26 km) at 17.26 km
Zihni (distance between Zihni and Mardin airport: 42.43 km) at 42.43 km

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