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Closest Airport to Medford airport (MFR), USA

Medford airport - view flight list

Airport nameMedford
IATA Airport CodeMFR
ICAO Airport CodeKMFR
Cheap flights132
Cheap airlines6

Closest Airport to Medford airport (MFR), USA

Mc Namara Fld at 130.24 km.   See all flights from Mc Namara Fld 1 flights
North Bend at 162.42 km.   See all flights from North Bend 2 flights
Hobby Field at 174.71 km.   See all flights from Hobby Field 0 flights
Arcata at 184.97 km.   See all flights from Arcata 5 flights
Eugene at 196.83 km.   See all flights from Eugene 129 flights
Aeromexico operates 105 flights in the Medford airport (MFR), USA area LATAM operates 13 flights in the Medford airport (MFR), USA area Alaska Airlines operates 8 flights in the Medford airport (MFR), USA area Avianca operates 6 flights in the Medford airport (MFR), USA area Allegiant Airways operates 4 flights in the Medford airport (MFR), USA area Virgin Atlantic operates 1 flights in the Medford airport (MFR), USA area

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Cities near Medford airport (MFR), USA

Ashland, OR (distance between Ashland OR and Medford airport: 36.29 km) at 36.29 km
Azalea, OR (distance between Azalea OR and Medford airport: 51.30 km) at 51.30 km
Butte Falls, OR (distance between Butte Falls OR and Medford airport: 33.02 km) at 33.02 km
Central Point, OR (distance between Central Point OR and Medford airport: 6.40 km) at 6.40 km
Eagle Point, OR (distance between Eagle Point OR and Medford airport: 19.77 km) at 19.77 km
Glendale, OR (distance between Glendale OR and Medford airport: 65.14 km) at 65.14 km
Gold Hill, OR (distance between Gold Hill OR and Medford airport: 21.01 km) at 21.01 km
Grants Pass, OR (distance between Grants Pass OR and Medford airport: 42.86 km) at 42.86 km
Hornbrook, CA (distance between Hornbrook CA and Medford airport: 59.18 km) at 59.18 km
Jacksonville, OR (distance between Jacksonville OR and Medford airport: 24.80 km) at 24.80 km
Klamath Falls, OR (distance between Klamath Falls OR and Medford airport: 57.57 km) at 57.57 km
Klamath River, CA (distance between Klamath River CA and Medford airport: 59.61 km) at 59.61 km
Medford, OR (distance between Medford OR and Medford airport: 6.10 km) at 6.10 km
Merlin, OR (distance between Merlin OR and Medford airport: 61.79 km) at 61.79 km
Murphy, OR (distance between Murphy OR and Medford airport: 34.63 km) at 34.63 km
Phoenix, OR (distance between Phoenix OR and Medford airport: 12.05 km) at 12.05 km
Prospect, OR (distance between Prospect OR and Medford airport: 58.32 km) at 58.32 km
Rogue River, OR (distance between Rogue River OR and Medford airport: 27.58 km) at 27.58 km
Seiad Valley, CA (distance between Seiad Valley CA and Medford airport: 63.07 km) at 63.07 km
Selma, OR (distance between Selma OR and Medford airport: 61.29 km) at 61.29 km
Shady Cove, OR (distance between Shady Cove OR and Medford airport: 28.68 km) at 28.68 km
Talent, OR (distance between Talent OR and Medford airport: 18.67 km) at 18.67 km
Tiller, OR (distance between Tiller OR and Medford airport: 61.58 km) at 61.58 km
Trail, OR (distance between Trail OR and Medford airport: 41.71 km) at 41.71 km
White City, OR (distance between White City OR and Medford airport: 22.54 km) at 22.54 km
Wilderville, OR (distance between Wilderville OR and Medford airport: 58.21 km) at 58.21 km
Williams, OR (distance between Williams OR and Medford airport: 44.95 km) at 44.95 km
Wolf Creek, OR (distance between Wolf Creek OR and Medford airport: 54.69 km) at 54.69 km

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