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Closest Airport to Leno, Italy

Closest Airport to Leno, Italy

Verona Brescia at 11.27 km.   See all flights from Verona Brescia 0 flights
Milan Orio al Serio at 52.60 km.   See all flights from Milan Orio al Serio 176 flights
Verona Valerio Catullo at 52.60 km.   See all flights from Verona Valerio Catullo 207 flights
Parma at 60.67 km.   See all flights from Parma 3 flights
Milan Linate at 73.95 km.   See all flights from Milan Linate 32 flights
Milan Malpensa at 119.83 km.   See all flights from Milan Malpensa 1370 flights
Aeromexico operates 445 flights in the Leno, Italy area Norwegian operates 207 flights in the Leno, Italy area LATAM operates 125 flights in the Leno, Italy area Eurowings operates 115 flights in the Leno, Italy area Vueling operates 106 flights in the Leno, Italy area Ryanair operates 91 flights in the Leno, Italy area

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Cities near Leno, Italy

Alfianello (distance between Alfianello and Leno, Italy: 12.32 km) at 12.32 km
Alfiano Nuovo (distance between Alfiano Nuovo and Leno, Italy: 16.79 km) at 16.79 km
Asola (distance between Asola and Leno, Italy: 22.02 km) at 22.02 km
Bagnolo Mella (distance between Bagnolo Mella and Leno, Italy: 8.38 km) at 8.38 km
Bassano Bresciano (distance between Bassano Bresciano and Leno, Italy: 9.60 km) at 9.60 km
Bedizzole (distance between Bedizzole and Leno, Italy: 22.72 km) at 22.72 km
Berlingo (distance between Berlingo and Leno, Italy: 20.62 km) at 20.62 km
Binanuova (distance between Binanuova and Leno, Italy: 15.35 km) at 15.35 km
Bordolano (distance between Bordolano and Leno, Italy: 20.49 km) at 20.49 km
Borgo San Giacomo (distance between Borgo San Giacomo and Leno, Italy: 19.64 km) at 19.64 km
Borgosatollo (distance between Borgosatollo and Leno, Italy: 11.21 km) at 11.21 km
Botticino (distance between Botticino and Leno, Italy: 19.58 km) at 19.58 km
Botticino Sera (distance between Botticino Sera and Leno, Italy: 19.65 km) at 19.65 km
Bovezzo (distance between Bovezzo and Leno, Italy: 24.14 km) at 24.14 km
Brandico (distance between Brandico and Leno, Italy: 16.09 km) at 16.09 km
Brescia (distance between Brescia and Leno, Italy: 20.57 km) at 20.57 km
Cadimarco (distance between Cadimarco and Leno, Italy: 19.69 km) at 19.69 km
Calcinato (distance between Calcinato and Leno, Italy: 17.06 km) at 17.06 km
Calvisano (distance between Calvisano and Leno, Italy: 9.85 km) at 9.85 km
Cappella De' Picenardi (distance between Cappella De Picenardi and Leno, Italy: 24.12 km) at 24.12 km
Carpenedolo (distance between Carpenedolo and Leno, Italy: 16.94 km) at 16.94 km
Casalbuttano (distance between Casalbuttano and Leno, Italy: 23.49 km) at 23.49 km
Casalbuttano Ed Uniti (distance between Casalbuttano Ed Uniti and Leno, Italy: 23.49 km) at 23.49 km
Casalmoro (distance between Casalmoro and Leno, Italy: 19.35 km) at 19.35 km
Casaloldo (distance between Casaloldo and Leno, Italy: 23.49 km) at 23.49 km
Casalromano (distance between Casalromano and Leno, Italy: 21.96 km) at 21.96 km
Castegnato (distance between Castegnato and Leno, Italy: 23.59 km) at 23.59 km
Castel Goffredo (distance between Castel Goffredo and Leno, Italy: 20.92 km) at 20.92 km
Castel Mella (distance between Castel Mella and Leno, Italy: 14.52 km) at 14.52 km
Castenedolo (distance between Castenedolo and Leno, Italy: 12.89 km) at 12.89 km
Castiglione Delle Stiviere (distance between Castiglione Delle Stiviere and Leno, Italy: 20.93 km) at 20.93 km
Castrezzato (distance between Castrezzato and Leno, Italy: 24.46 km) at 24.46 km
Cellatica (distance between Cellatica and Leno, Italy: 24.13 km) at 24.13 km
Cicognolo (distance between Cicognolo and Leno, Italy: 22.41 km) at 22.41 km
Cignone (distance between Cignone and Leno, Italy: 21.39 km) at 21.39 km
Cigole (distance between Cigole and Leno, Italy: 7.87 km) at 7.87 km
Collebeato (distance between Collebeato and Leno, Italy: 23.88 km) at 23.88 km
Comezzano (distance between Comezzano and Leno, Italy: 23.62 km) at 23.62 km
Dello (distance between Dello and Leno, Italy: 12.98 km) at 12.98 km
Dosimo (distance between Dosimo and Leno, Italy: 24.06 km) at 24.06 km
Duomo (distance between Duomo and Leno, Italy: 23.94 km) at 23.94 km
Farfengo (distance between Farfengo and Leno, Italy: 19.55 km) at 19.55 km
Fiesse (distance between Fiesse and Leno, Italy: 16.79 km) at 16.79 km
Fleri (distance between Fleri and Leno, Italy: 13.24 km) at 13.24 km
Flero (distance between Flero and Leno, Italy: 13.24 km) at 13.24 km
Folzano (distance between Folzano and Leno, Italy: 14.40 km) at 14.40 km
Fontanella (distance between Fontanella and Leno, Italy: 21.86 km) at 21.86 km
Gambara (distance between Gambara and Leno, Italy: 14.53 km) at 14.53 km
Ghedi (distance between Ghedi and Leno, Italy: 5.39 km) at 5.39 km
Gottolengo (distance between Gottolengo and Leno, Italy: 10.07 km) at 10.07 km
Gozzolina (distance between Gozzolina and Leno, Italy: 21.23 km) at 21.23 km
Grontardo (distance between Grontardo and Leno, Italy: 19.27 km) at 19.27 km
Gussago (distance between Gussago and Leno, Italy: 24.66 km) at 24.66 km
Isola Dovarese (distance between Isola Dovarese and Leno, Italy: 23.20 km) at 23.20 km
Isorella (distance between Isorella and Leno, Italy: 10.79 km) at 10.79 km
Lograto (distance between Lograto and Leno, Italy: 18.38 km) at 18.38 km
Lonato (distance between Lonato and Leno, Italy: 22.80 km) at 22.80 km
Manerbio (distance between Manerbio and Leno, Italy: 6.78 km) at 6.78 km
Mazzano (distance between Mazzano and Leno, Italy: 20.16 km) at 20.16 km
Medole (distance between Medole and Leno, Italy: 22.85 km) at 22.85 km
Mezzane (distance between Mezzane and Leno, Italy: 10.14 km) at 10.14 km
Milzano (distance between Milzano and Leno, Italy: 10.45 km) at 10.45 km
Montichiari (distance between Montichiari and Leno, Italy: 14.16 km) at 14.16 km
Montirone (distance between Montirone and Leno, Italy: 8.92 km) at 8.92 km
Nave (distance between Nave and Leno, Italy: 24.66 km) at 24.66 km
Nuvolento (distance between Nuvolento and Leno, Italy: 22.65 km) at 22.65 km
Nuvolera (distance between Nuvolera and Leno, Italy: 21.93 km) at 21.93 km
Offlaga (distance between Offlaga and Leno, Italy: 9.31 km) at 9.31 km
Olmeneta (distance between Olmeneta and Leno, Italy: 21.58 km) at 21.58 km
Onzato (distance between Onzato and Leno, Italy: 13.55 km) at 13.55 km
Orzinuovi (distance between Orzinuovi and Leno, Italy: 23.74 km) at 23.74 km
Orzivecchi (distance between Orzivecchi and Leno, Italy: 21.58 km) at 21.58 km
Ostiano (distance between Ostiano and Leno, Italy: 16.90 km) at 16.90 km
Pavone (distance between Pavone and Leno, Italy: 7.54 km) at 7.54 km
Pavone Del Mella (distance between Pavone Del Mella and Leno, Italy: 7.54 km) at 7.54 km
Pescarolo Ed Uniti (distance between Pescarolo Ed Uniti and Leno, Italy: 20.58 km) at 20.58 km
Pessina Cremonese (distance between Pessina Cremonese and Leno, Italy: 20.45 km) at 20.45 km
Pompiano (distance between Pompiano and Leno, Italy: 19.69 km) at 19.69 km
Poncarale (distance between Poncarale and Leno, Italy: 10.06 km) at 10.06 km
Pontevico (distance between Pontevico and Leno, Italy: 15.26 km) at 15.26 km
Pozzaglio (distance between Pozzaglio and Leno, Italy: 22.53 km) at 22.53 km
Pralboino (distance between Pralboino and Leno, Italy: 11.13 km) at 11.13 km
Quinzano D'oglio (distance between Quinzano D oglio and Leno, Italy: 17.84 km) at 17.84 km
Remedello (distance between Remedello and Leno, Italy: 15.63 km) at 15.63 km
Rezzato (distance between Rezzato and Leno, Italy: 18.43 km) at 18.43 km
Robecco (distance between Robecco and Leno, Italy: 17.51 km) at 17.51 km
Robecco D'oglio (distance between Robecco D oglio and Leno, Italy: 17.51 km) at 17.51 km
San Paolo (distance between San Paolo and Leno, Italy: 15.64 km) at 15.64 km
Seniga (distance between Seniga and Leno, Italy: 15.35 km) at 15.35 km
Serle (distance between Serle and Leno, Italy: 22.90 km) at 22.90 km
Torbole (distance between Torbole and Leno, Italy: 18.43 km) at 18.43 km
Travagliato (distance between Travagliato and Leno, Italy: 19.68 km) at 19.68 km
Verolanuova (distance between Verolanuova and Leno, Italy: 12.99 km) at 12.99 km
Verolavecchia (distance between Verolavecchia and Leno, Italy: 14.18 km) at 14.18 km
Vescovato (distance between Vescovato and Leno, Italy: 22.60 km) at 22.60 km
Villachiara (distance between Villachiara and Leno, Italy: 23.54 km) at 23.54 km
Villaggio Ferrari (distance between Villaggio Ferrari and Leno, Italy: 16.70 km) at 16.70 km
Visano (distance between Visano and Leno, Italy: 12.99 km) at 12.99 km
Volongo (distance between Volongo and Leno, Italy: 19.67 km) at 19.67 km

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