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Closest Airport to Chiayi airport (CYI), Taiwan

Chiayi airport - view flight list

Airport nameChiayi
IATA Airport CodeCYI
Cheap flights0
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Closest Airport to Chiayi airport (CYI), Taiwan

Sun Moon Lake at 72.76 km.   See all flights from Sun Moon Lake 23 flights
Taichung at 92.04 km.   See all flights from Taichung 3 flights
Kaohsiung at 99.31 km.   See all flights from Kaohsiung 202 flights
Hualien at 117.40 km.   See all flights from Hualien 0 flights
Taipei at 199.15 km.   See all flights from Taipei 467 flights
Scoot operates 273 flights in the Chiayi airport (CYI), Taiwan area Flydubai operates 86 flights in the Chiayi airport (CYI), Taiwan area LATAM operates 77 flights in the Chiayi airport (CYI), Taiwan area Tiger Airways operates 74 flights in the Chiayi airport (CYI), Taiwan area Cebu Pacific operates 66 flights in the Chiayi airport (CYI), Taiwan area AirAsia operates 44 flights in the Chiayi airport (CYI), Taiwan area

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Cities near Chiayi airport (CYI), Taiwan

Alian (distance between Alian and Chiayi airport: 65.46 km) at 65.46 km
Alishan (distance between Alishan and Chiayi airport: 44.31 km) at 44.31 km
Ankeng (distance between Ankeng and Chiayi airport: 56.09 km) at 56.09 km
Anliao (distance between Anliao and Chiayi airport: 44.63 km) at 44.63 km
Anping (distance between Anping and Chiayi airport: 56.43 km) at 56.43 km
Beimen (distance between Beimen and Chiayi airport: 34.42 km) at 34.42 km
Changchuntsun (distance between Changchuntsun and Chiayi airport: 64.01 km) at 64.01 km
Changho (distance between Changho and Chiayi airport: 44.99 km) at 44.99 km
Chiai (distance between Chiai and Chiayi airport: 6.88 km) at 6.88 km
Chichi (distance between Chichi and Chiayi airport: 57.72 km) at 57.72 km
Chinan (distance between Chinan and Chiayi airport: 46.02 km) at 46.02 km
Chishan (distance between Chishan and Chiayi airport: 65.09 km) at 65.09 km
Chushan (distance between Chushan and Chiayi airport: 44.43 km) at 44.43 km
Chushui (distance between Chushui and Chiayi airport: 58.82 km) at 58.82 km
Erhlin (distance between Erhlin and Chiayi airport: 48.32 km) at 48.32 km
Hochien (distance between Hochien and Chiayi airport: 26.20 km) at 26.20 km
Hoho (distance between Hoho and Chiayi airport: 22.83 km) at 22.83 km
Hsian (distance between Hsian and Chiayi airport: 47.69 km) at 47.69 km
Hsienchuang (distance between Hsienchuang and Chiayi airport: 63.96 km) at 63.96 km
Hsinchou (distance between Hsinchou and Chiayi airport: 40.95 km) at 40.95 km
Hsinchung (distance between Hsinchung and Chiayi airport: 33.78 km) at 33.78 km
Hsinhu (distance between Hsinhu and Chiayi airport: 31.35 km) at 31.35 km
Hsinhua (distance between Hsinhua and Chiayi airport: 48.35 km) at 48.35 km
Hsinying (distance between Hsinying and Chiayi airport: 19.27 km) at 19.27 km
Huwei (distance between Huwei and Chiayi airport: 27.41 km) at 27.41 km
Kaochung (distance between Kaochung and Chiayi airport: 50.60 km) at 50.60 km
Kuankao (distance between Kuankao and Chiayi airport: 63.18 km) at 63.18 km
Luchuhsiang (distance between Luchuhsiang and Chiayi airport: 19.23 km) at 19.23 km
Lukang (distance between Lukang and Chiayi airport: 65.68 km) at 65.68 km
Maliao (distance between Maliao and Chiayi airport: 29.09 km) at 29.09 km
Matou (distance between Matou and Chiayi airport: 34.27 km) at 34.27 km
Meinung (distance between Meinung and Chiayi airport: 65.06 km) at 65.06 km
Nantou (distance between Nantou and Chiayi airport: 58.03 km) at 58.03 km
Nantow (distance between Nantow and Chiayi airport: 58.03 km) at 58.03 km
Paiho (distance between Paiho and Chiayi airport: 13.23 km) at 13.23 km
Panlu (distance between Panlu and Chiayi airport: 35.82 km) at 35.82 km
Peitou (distance between Peitou and Chiayi airport: 47.53 km) at 47.53 km
Potzu (distance between Potzu and Chiayi airport: 14.33 km) at 14.33 km
Putai (distance between Putai and Chiayi airport: 25.03 km) at 25.03 km
Sanmin (distance between Sanmin and Chiayi airport: 40.80 km) at 40.80 km
Shanhua (distance between Shanhua and Chiayi airport: 38.27 km) at 38.27 km
Shetou (distance between Shetou and Chiayi airport: 52.26 km) at 52.26 km
Shuchun (distance between Shuchun and Chiayi airport: 54.22 km) at 54.22 km
Shuilin (distance between Shuilin and Chiayi airport: 18.64 km) at 18.64 km
Tahu (distance between Tahu and Chiayi airport: 65.70 km) at 65.70 km
Tai (distance between Tai and Chiayi airport: 30.21 km) at 30.21 km
Taiho (distance between Taiho and Chiayi airport: 51.36 km) at 51.36 km
Tainan (distance between Tainan and Chiayi airport: 55.79 km) at 55.79 km
Taipao (distance between Taipao and Chiayi airport: 5.25 km) at 5.25 km
Taipu (distance between Taipu and Chiayi airport: 58.40 km) at 58.40 km
Talin (distance between Talin and Chiayi airport: 17.07 km) at 17.07 km
Taling (distance between Taling and Chiayi airport: 61.80 km) at 61.80 km
Taoyehchuang (distance between Taoyehchuang and Chiayi airport: 42.51 km) at 42.51 km
Tapei (distance between Tapei and Chiayi airport: 20.62 km) at 20.62 km
Tatsun (distance between Tatsun and Chiayi airport: 60.88 km) at 60.88 km
Tienchung (distance between Tienchung and Chiayi airport: 48.39 km) at 48.39 km
Touliu (distance between Touliu and Chiayi airport: 31.47 km) at 31.47 km
Tounan (distance between Tounan and Chiayi airport: 25.49 km) at 25.49 km
Tsaotun (distance between Tsaotun and Chiayi airport: 65.04 km) at 65.04 km
Tuku (distance between Tuku and Chiayi airport: 23.69 km) at 23.69 km
Yencheng (distance between Yencheng and Chiayi airport: 58.71 km) at 58.71 km
Yuanlin (distance between Yuanlin and Chiayi airport: 57.95 km) at 57.95 km
Yufeng (distance between Yufeng and Chiayi airport: 10.21 km) at 10.21 km
Yumin (distance between Yumin and Chiayi airport: 12.48 km) at 12.48 km
Yushan (distance between Yushan and Chiayi airport: 38.92 km) at 38.92 km
Yünlin (distance between Yunlin and Chiayi airport: 31.47 km) at 31.47 km

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