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Closest Airport to Clovis airport (CVN), USA

Clovis airport - view flight list

Airport nameClovis
IATA Airport CodeCVN
ICAO Airport CodeKCVN
CityClovis, NM
Cheap flights0
Cheap airlines0

Closest Airport to Clovis airport (CVN), USA

Lubbock, TX at 143.67 km.   See all flights from Lubbock, TX 106 flights
Amarillo, TX at 153.32 km.   See all flights from Amarillo, TX 108 flights
Lea County at 194.52 km.   See all flights from Lea County 2 flights
Midland/Odessa, TX at 288.36 km.   See all flights from Midland/Odessa, TX 109 flights
Santa Fe at 304.60 km.   See all flights from Santa Fe 11 flights
Southwest Airlines operates 306 flights in the Clovis airport (CVN), USA area LATAM operates 17 flights in the Clovis airport (CVN), USA area AirTran operates 10 flights in the Clovis airport (CVN), USA area Avianca operates 3 flights in the Clovis airport (CVN), USA area

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Cities near Clovis airport (CVN), USA

Adrian, TX (distance between Adrian TX and Clovis airport: 89.78 km) at 89.78 km
Amherst, TX (distance between Amherst TX and Clovis airport: 79.14 km) at 79.14 km
Bard, NM (distance between Bard NM and Clovis airport: 82.45 km) at 82.45 km
Bledsoe, TX (distance between Bledsoe TX and Clovis airport: 89.73 km) at 89.73 km
Bovina, TX (distance between Bovina TX and Clovis airport: 24.51 km) at 24.51 km
Broadview, NM (distance between Broadview NM and Clovis airport: 55.10 km) at 55.10 km
Cannon Afb, NM (distance between Cannon Afb NM and Clovis airport: 18.96 km) at 18.96 km
Causey, NM (distance between Causey NM and Clovis airport: 67.76 km) at 67.76 km
Clovis, NM (distance between Clovis NM and Clovis airport: 19.95 km) at 19.95 km
Dawn, TX (distance between Dawn TX and Clovis airport: 96.66 km) at 96.66 km
Dimmitt, TX (distance between Dimmitt TX and Clovis airport: 70.52 km) at 70.52 km
Dora, NM (distance between Dora NM and Clovis airport: 59.18 km) at 59.18 km
Earth, TX (distance between Earth TX and Clovis airport: 60.81 km) at 60.81 km
Elida, NM (distance between Elida NM and Clovis airport: 88.07 km) at 88.07 km
Farwell, TX (distance between Farwell TX and Clovis airport: 19.18 km) at 19.18 km
Fieldton, TX (distance between Fieldton TX and Clovis airport: 90.99 km) at 90.99 km
Floyd, NM (distance between Floyd NM and Clovis airport: 57.84 km) at 57.84 km
Friona, TX (distance between Friona TX and Clovis airport: 43.64 km) at 43.64 km
Grady, NM (distance between Grady NM and Clovis airport: 48.97 km) at 48.97 km
Hart, TX (distance between Hart TX and Clovis airport: 85.38 km) at 85.38 km
Hereford, TX (distance between Hereford TX and Clovis airport: 67.27 km) at 67.27 km
House, NM (distance between House NM and Clovis airport: 96.10 km) at 96.10 km
Lazbuddie, TX (distance between Lazbuddie TX and Clovis airport: 17.72 km) at 17.72 km
Littlefield, TX (distance between Littlefield TX and Clovis airport: 90.20 km) at 90.20 km
Mc Alister, NM (distance between Mc Alister NM and Clovis airport: 68.95 km) at 68.95 km
Melrose, NM (distance between Melrose NM and Clovis airport: 61.51 km) at 61.51 km
Milnesand, NM (distance between Milnesand NM and Clovis airport: 85.76 km) at 85.76 km
Morton, TX (distance between Morton TX and Clovis airport: 93.74 km) at 93.74 km
Muleshoe, TX (distance between Muleshoe TX and Clovis airport: 39.79 km) at 39.79 km
Nazareth, TX (distance between Nazareth TX and Clovis airport: 89.08 km) at 89.08 km
Olton, TX (distance between Olton TX and Clovis airport: 90.53 km) at 90.53 km
Pep, NM (distance between Pep NM and Clovis airport: 72.10 km) at 72.10 km
Pep, TX (distance between Pep TX and Clovis airport: 84.14 km) at 84.14 km
Portales, NM (distance between Portales NM and Clovis airport: 46.06 km) at 46.06 km
Quay, NM (distance between Quay NM and Clovis airport: 89.29 km) at 89.29 km
Rogers, NM (distance between Rogers NM and Clovis airport: 55.43 km) at 55.43 km
Saint Vrain, NM (distance between Saint Vrain NM and Clovis airport: 35.29 km) at 35.29 km
San Jon, NM (distance between San Jon NM and Clovis airport: 77.33 km) at 77.33 km
Spade, TX (distance between Spade TX and Clovis airport: 94.92 km) at 94.92 km
Springlake, TX (distance between Springlake TX and Clovis airport: 76.24 km) at 76.24 km
Sudan, TX (distance between Sudan TX and Clovis airport: 66.95 km) at 66.95 km
Summerfield, TX (distance between Summerfield TX and Clovis airport: 63.33 km) at 63.33 km
Taiban, NM (distance between Taiban NM and Clovis airport: 83.95 km) at 83.95 km
Texico, NM (distance between Texico NM and Clovis airport: 14.98 km) at 14.98 km
Tucumcari, NM (distance between Tucumcari NM and Clovis airport: 98.10 km) at 98.10 km
Whiteface, TX (distance between Whiteface TX and Clovis airport: 101.23 km) at 101.23 km

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