Why do I love/hate/love Wizz Air

I love Acer and I hate McDonald’s, things are plain and simple. But what if a company makes me love them and hate them at the same time? Can I ignore the bad things and love them anyway, or should I only see the bad things and ignore all the good things about them?

During the past few years, I’ve been using Wizz Air quite frequently, for at least 3-4 return flights per year. They are cheap, on time and sometimes they are the only airline that flies to my destination! I’ve been using them since 2007 and everything went smoothly most of the times. On time flights, no lost luggage, no cancellations, no overbooking. These are the reasons why I LOVE WIZZ AIR!

Since I’ve been flying Wizz Air often, I subscribed to their “Wizz Discount Club“. The subscription costs €30 and helps you save up to €10 per passenger per one-way flight, for yourself and all those traveling with you. I purchased it in November 2012 and it was supposed to last for one year.

Two months later, when I tried to book a flight ticket, I found that the prices were displayed without any discount and my account showed “Your Wizz Discount Club membership has expired.“. Like most low-cost airlines, Wizz Air only has expensive contact phone numbers, so calling them would have probably cost me much more than I was willing to spend, especially since it was THEIR FAULT. Since the discount I could get for this flight as a “Wizz Discount Club” member was €30 (which was exactly the cost of a new subscription), I decided to buy a new subscription along with the ticket and to try to solve the problem by email later on.

On the 18th of January, I sent the first email to Wizz Air (see the email addresses below), explaining the situation and asking them to “solve this problem by reactivating my old subscription and reimbursing me the money I paid for the new one“. I got no reply.

On the 23rd of January, I sent them a “gentle reminder”! On the 28th I sent them a second one, then yet another one. I also sent a complaint to the Wizz Air Customer Service, and got no reply. But I kept on sending them reminders every 2-3 days. These are the moments when I HATE WIZZ AIR.

After the 6th reminder (yes, you read well!), 24 days after my first email, I finally got a reply from them, saying that the problem had been caused by the fact that I had “2 registered profiles with the same e-mail address“. They accepted my request and offered to refund the money to my bank account and to merge my 2 accounts. Everything looked very simple!

After they had merged my 2 accounts, I tried to login, but the old password didn’t work. I tried to reset my password using the “Forgot your password?” procedure, but didn’t receive any email in the following 24 hours. It goes without saying that I checked the SPAM folder too. So I emailed Wizz Air again…

To my surprise, I got a very fast reply (after only 3 days) and I was again able to use my account. Wizz Air solved my problem exactly 1 month after my first email, on the 18th of February. On the 22nd of February I received the €30 refund in my bank account.

Wizz Air is a good low cost airline. I like flying with them and I recommend them to everybody. But I hope you won’t ever have to deal with their customer support! I needed their help twice: both times they solved my problem, but they replied only after many gentle reminders.

If you ever need to email them in the future, you can use the email addresses below:
[email protected] (they reply from this email)
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
December 2015 update: Wizzair now provides a basic rate number, (+44) 0330 365 4902 (charged at local rates in UK), for existing bookings only (thanks 197jdm)!

I suggest you to send the email to all 4 of them and to CC yourself on the email. Also, keep sending them gentle reminders every 2-3 days. In the end, they will probably reply and solve your problem!

If you had a problem with Wizz Air and managed to get it solved faster please leave a comment and explain how you did that. We may all learn from it!

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