All About Kansas Travel Restrictions in 2022

Tourism has started recovering from COVID-19, and people are back to organizing trips within and outside of the country. However, specific orders and requirements have been standing in the way of normal traveling. Kansas travel restrictions and restrictions in all U.S. states often change to keep up with the evolving situation. Our team will provide valuable information on domestic and international trips, quarantine requirements, testing, and much more. Discover the latest CDC updates, and travel safely to and from the State of Kansas.

Travel Requirements for Domestic Trips

Passengers traveling within the United States aren’t subject to tight restrictions and can fly without a hassle. Simply make certain you are up to date with your vaccines and bring proof of vaccination. Domestic travelers don’t have to get tested, but it is recommended to take a viral test up to 3 days before the trip. The CDC also suggests wearing masks in indoor transportation hubs and post-travel testing. 

International Travel Restrictions in a Nutshell

People traveling internationally to Kansas are subject to the CDC regulations based on their country of residence. 

Here are the requirements for U.S. citizens, immigrants, and lawful permanent residents:

  • Have your vaccine card at hand if you have proof of full vaccination.
  • Present documentation of recovery from Coronavirus or a negative COVID-19 test. You need to take the test within one day of your trip.

See the requirements for non-U.S. citizens and immigrants below.

  • Anyone older than 17 must be vaccinated with an accepted COVID-19 vaccine and present proof of immunization to gain entry. Those who are not fully vaccinated can enter the country only if they provide a documented medical exception.
  • Show a negative test result or recovery documentation. COVID-19 tests for international flights must be up to one day old.

Non-U.S. travelers entering the United States at land ports of entry also must be fully vaccinated and bring proof of vaccination.  

Isolation & Quarantine Requirements

The KDHE updated Kansas COVID travel restrictions referring to quarantine guidelines for the final time in February. According to the last update, quarantine hasn’t been obligatory for fully vaccinated people and those recently recovered from COVID-19. At-home five-day quarantine after mass gatherings was a requirement until March 2022. 

On March 3rd, the KDHE passed on the torch to the Centers for Disease Control and urged Kansans to follow the CDC guidelines. And, based on the CDC instructions, quarantine is optional.

Find the Nearest Testing Site in Kansas

If you’re looking for a free site in Kansas to get tested before or after your trip, you can easily find it online. Click here and scroll down to see the map of all COVID-19 testing locations in Kansas. Use the form below to single out the closest spots by entering your address. If you search specifically for a PCR testing site or rapid testing location, be sure to select “Yes” in a drop-down list beneath the map.

When you find the nearest site, click on it to see its phone number, address, and other helpful info. We suggest that you give them a call if you have any queries. 

Face Mask Mandate in Kansas

Since the CDC’s order requiring masks is no longer in effect, people don’t need to wear face coverings on buses, trains, planes, or in transportation hubs. Some federal buildings choose to still demand masks, but the number of such locations decreases every day. Even though you can ride the bus, train, or streetcar without any restrictions, wearing masks in crowded indoor areas is recommended.

How To Travel Safely Within the State

Once you get to your destination, you’ll probably travel around, visit friends, explore the area, or engage in another activity that requires riding a bus or taxi. If you’re worried about contracting the virus, try to avoid crowded places, keep your distance, and clean your hands often.

If you’re flying into the state and searching for a safe and affordable airport transfer, we suggest that you book an airport shuttle or rent a car. Car rentals are our top recommendation because they offer privacy and flexibility. Those who opt for this service should check out some of the popular platforms for car-sharing or rentals, such as the following ones. 

Click on any link for additional info, and don’t forget to take all precautionary measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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