How to Find a COVID Test Abroad for Returning to Canada

Pandemic hasn’t stopped life. We still have to go abroad on business and personal trips. But now, we are to follow multiple new rules to stop the virus from uncontrolled spreading. They can seem a nuisance, but safety measures are essential to fight a pandemic. If you plan to leave the Canada borders, study the requirements for travelers thoroughly.

General Rules on Testing

The major part of instructions refers to the tests and documentation you need to cross different countries’ borders. We compiled the rules of Canadian authorities regarding COVID testing.

Requirements for Returning

They are different for vaccinated and not vaccinated residents. If you made proper vaccination and spent less than 72 hours outside the country, you don’t need to undergo tests to re-enter Canada. If you leave the borders for a long time or didn’t undergo vaccination, you’ll have to show proves of testing taken 14 to180 days before the day of your arrival at the border.

Upload the results of the tests in the app called ArriveCAN at least 72 hours before your visit to the country or show the official certificates on the border. Don’t ignore the health monitoring questions you will receive while entering Canada, and keep in mind that you can be randomly selected for control testing. 

How to Find a Testing Location in a Foreign Country

Today, it’s enough to google “PT PCR test near me,” and you’ll receive the list of certified facilities. We recommend doing research in advance and determining the location of corresponding medical centers. It will save you from unpleasant surprises.

Rules for Air Travelling

You have to demonstrate test results on the stage of flight check-in. If you don’t have test results, you can do them upon arrival, but in this case, you’ll have to stay in quarantine before tests are ready. The same is true for the situation of positive results. In any case, you must act in accordance with the guidelines of the Quarantine Officer.

DIY COVID-19 Tests

You can easily purchase special kits for self-testing. If you make everything right, they can give valuable data on your health state. Unfortunately, you can’t use the results of such tests as official proof. It means that from the point of view of border officials, such test results are useless.

Personal Safety Rules

Certificates and necessary documentation don’t mean that you can forget about safeguard measures. Keep recommended social distance at the airport or train station and carefully wash your hands. Wear a properly designed or medical mask in public and change it every 2-3 hours depending on the mask kind. Protective gloves are a good protective measure too. Specialists advise using a sanitizer after visiting public places. These means of protection are enough to prevent virus infection.

In conclusion, we want to remind you that violations of the rules for crossing the Canadian border can lead to big fines, but it’s not the worst consequence. Your negligence of certain instructions can cause a virus outbreak. Be responsible, and together we will stop the pandemic.

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