Anchorage International Airport: Free Testing for residents and non-residents

The State of Alaska currently does not mandate travelers be vaccinated or receive a negative COVID-19 test for vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers. Location: The COVID-19 testing site is behind security for ticketed passengers only. Appointments are not necessary, however, the airport encourages travelers to visit to pre-register online. For travelers who’s final destination is … Read more

Quickvue COVID-19 Test

Should you use the Quickvue Covid test for travel purposes? The type of testing and documentation required for air travel may differ based on travel destination, airline, and State requirements. We encourage you to visit the CDC/TSA website as well as your local airport and health department’s website for the latest requirements on the type … Read more

Why do I love/hate/love Wizz Air

I love Acer and I hate McDonald’s, things are plain and simple. But what if a company makes me love them and hate them at the same time? Can I ignore the bad things and love them anyway, or should I only see the bad things and ignore all the good things about them? During … Read more