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Compania aeriana Ryanair
Compania aeriana Ryanair

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  1. Dorothy Cameron
    a zburat din Bordeaux in Edinburgh

    punctual and comfortable return from French holiday ...had forgotten about this route having booked to leave Scotland 'one way'!

    a zburat din Edinburgh in Tenerife South

    MOSTLY 5/5. Loses 1 star. because of having to wait to board outside in January, whilst cold and wet, for too long.

    Also had to wait to board in a queue for what I thought was too long, when we could have been sitting down in waiting area.

    However 5/5 regarding everything else with our flight.

  3. Marie
    a zburat din Londra Stansted in Faro

    On time, excellent price even though a late booking. Very polite and very good service.

  4. Sharon Bromfield
    a zburat din Bristol in Creta Chania

    I have flown with Ryan Air on 4 occasions in the last 2 years. Flights have always been on time, courteous flight attendants.
    Now they have allowed an extra "handbag" in addition to a 10k cabin bag.

    I have just booked my flight for 2015 and the price for booking a 20k bag in the hold has come down in price.

    I have no hesitation in recommending this airline.


  5. Katy
    a zburat din Londra Stansted in Rimini

    Ryanair goes out of its way to make its customers feel cheap and worthless. Believe me, it might look cheap and convenient but there is always a better way of getting where you're going than flying Ryanair.

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