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Compania aeriana: Nok Air

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Compania aeriana Nok Air
Compania aeriana Nok Air
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Parerea calatorilor

  • m ortiz a zburat din Narathiwat in Bangkok Don Mueang
    I purchased a flight from Narathiwat (NAW) to Bangkok Don Muang (DMK) on 7th of November 2011.
    Having a confirmed booking, which can still be seen as confirmed in their web page (today, 1st of November 2011), our flight in not scheduled any more, so it will be probably canceled.

    We haven´t got any information from them and they even don´t reply to emails, only automatic responses.
    So we don´t know if we will fly or not, but probably not.
  • R. Lambert a zburat din Bangkok Don Mueang in Chiang Mai
    Safety was terrible....
    no response to email sent to them...
    will not fly again

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Locuri rezervate?: In ultima perioada, unele companii low-cost au inceput sa vanda "locuri rezervate" in avion. Tinand cont de faptul ca locurile sunt aproape toate similare si de faptul ca oricum, daca nu rezervi un loc pe internet, in aeroport ti se va atribui un loc, plata unor bani in plus pentru "rezervarea locului" poate fi usor evitata.