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Compania aeriana: Iceland Express

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Compania a fost inchisa. Iceland Express was acquired and opereates as WOW air starting October 24th 2012
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  • Niklas a zburat din Boston in Copenhaga
    My parents flew with this airline, and they actually didn't mind the lack of "luxuries". Actually, my dad claims to have been able to lie across 3 seats and sleep the entire flight! No one bothered him to ask which meal he needed, since none were provided. This was Copenhagen-Boston, round trip. Besides some minor delays, there was nothing at all wrong with flying with them. Remember, if you cut costs, you can't expect things to run 100% perfectly. Hopefully there is no hit upon safety, I think federal regulations prevent that.

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Locuri rezervate?: In ultima perioada, unele companii low-cost au inceput sa vanda "locuri rezervate" in avion. Tinand cont de faptul ca locurile sunt aproape toate similare si de faptul ca oricum, daca nu rezervi un loc pe internet, in aeroport ti se va atribui un loc, plata unor bani in plus pentru "rezervarea locului" poate fi usor evitata.