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  1. Mallys
    ha volato da Padang a Mataram

    De Sumatra à Lombok avec changement d'avion à Jakarta.
    Impéccable, contrairement à Air Asia 20kg de bagages compris dans le prix, enregistrés à Padang, retrouvés à Mataram.
    Tous les vols à l'heure.
    Résa par internet OK.

  2. Sarah
    ha volato da Manado a Yogyakarta

    As I write this I am sitting in Jakarta airport on my 30th hour of DELAY. Yes. 30 hours. This is basically ruining my Indonesian holiday and I don't know if I will be back. This was supposed to be a short trip, only three destinations, almost all of them on Java. Lion Air were hopeless. We were delayed flying Menado to Jakarta yesterday because Mt Soputan erupted. This is clearly not anyone's fault.
    After our 9:50am flight was delayed, we were then kept waiting.. and waiting.. and waiting. We had a connecting flight to Jogja from Jakarta. We put this off until late in the afternoon. We waited. Still no information. At 5pm they announced all flights out of the airport were completely cancelled and we should come back in the morning. We were told by one person to come back at 7am, by another to come back at 6:30am, 6am, and 5am. We were told we couldn't collect our bags overnight. We argued. There was no hotel provided. We finally got our bags. We were told in the end to come back at 5am.

    We came back at 5am, were told to wait for another flight to check in, then another. We were told our connecting flight had been completely cancelled. I got angry and eventually they printed us new boarding passes. This took hours. Staff did not appear to know how to use the computer booking system. Eventually, we boarded the plane at 8am (having to pay the airport passenger tax again). What was the point of telling us to be there at 5am? We landed in Jakarta. Staff refused to check our luggage all the way through to Jogja in Menado, so at Jakarta we had to rush to print new boarding passes (explaining to indifferent staff what had happened), collect luggage, rush to new terminal, check in luggage again, then rush to boarding gate.

    As soon as we got to the boarding gate we were told that the flight from Jakarta to Jogja had been delayed by 75 minutes. We are waiting for further updates.

    DO NOT fly Lion, if anything goes wrong/gets delayed/etc they accept zero responsibility. I don't like getting angry particularly in a country where it is considered very rude, but it was the ONLY thing that got us new boarding passes.

  3. Rosaline Hartono

    Palembang-Jakarta-Surabaya (July 15, 2010) With Lion Air was very unpleasant experience. Plane 1 hour late without announcements, impolite officers in waiting room (they didn't even say sorry about so many smokers in the way to A7-Jakarta waiting room when I asked them about that and do nothing until i captured some pictures and tell one of them that i would make a review about that). The waiting room were very dirty and overflowing with passengers. After an hour (without said sorry, again) they asked us to move to A3, what an excellent management! On board (Palembang-Jakarta), there were an old lady whom already had put her luggage in the overhead storage and sit, then a young stewardess asked "Who's luggage is this? Please remove it!" and left. What an excellent service and what a polite young lady! No more Lion Air except no more choice!

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