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Compagnie aérienne: Air Baltic

La compagnie aérienne Air Baltic
La compagnie aérienne Air Baltic
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Les commentaires des passagers

  • Elena a volé de Milan Malpensa à Riga
    Pessimo, capo-hostess ostili e maleducate. Posti stretti, no cibo, no acqua. Non è assolutamente accettabile questo livello di disservizi.
  • teren a volé de Munich à Saint-Pétersbourg
    I was flying from Munich to St. Petersburg via Riga. For the first time I faced such a wierd check-in control. Even though staff did not have enough knowledge, they tried to check visas and passports!! I had to wait for long time just because of that. In St. Petersburg on the way back, they canceled my flight, because of having less knowledge of visas. I was freaked out, but missed the flight because of crew!! Then I had to buy new ticket from Air Berlin and had a flight without any problem. I would never recommend Air Baltic and it was my first and last experience!!!
  • Laszlo Mag a volé de Copenhague à Istambul Atatürk
    Istanbul from Copenhagen, with connecting flight in Riga. All flights were delayed and the transfer window between the flights was so short that our luggage just didn't make it all the way back to Copenhagen on our way home - it was simply abandoned in Riga. There were ten or so angry travelers from Istanbul who's luggage never made it to Copenhagen. Why didn't they wait for the luggage from the connecting flight to be transferred before they airplane took off? There are still no traces of my bag. Thank you! The service on board was barely okay, and the fact that they even charge you for water is just ridiculous.

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Nourriture et boissons dans l'avion: La première "caractéristique" de tout vol low cost est que la nourriture et les boissons sont payantes à bord de l'avion. Mais tout est relativement cher. Cela peut être une bonne idée que vous vous fassiez des sandwiches chez vous. Mais ce n'est pas possible de passer le contrôle de frontière avec des liquides dans votre bagage à main!