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Low cost flights from Limoges airport (LIG), FranceAirports near Limoges

There are 18 flights from Limoges airport, France, operated by 2 airlines. You can fly low cost from Limoges airport to 16 cities in 2 countries.

Limoges airport is also known as Bellegarde, Лимож (Български), Λιμόζ (Ελληνικά), 里摩日 (Chinese).

We suggest that you check for flights departing from the following airports near Limoges:

- Angouleme (Cognac) at 75km (47 miles) has 0 flights
- Laroche at 82km (51 miles) has 31 flights
- Poitiers Railway Station at 103km (64 miles) has 7 flights
- Poitiers at 104km (65 miles) has 37 flights
- Bergerac - Dordogne at 126km (78 miles) has 23 flights
- Aurillac at 144km (89 miles) has 29 flights
- Clermont-Ferrand at 153km (95 miles) has 43 flights
- Tours Saint-Pierre-des-Corps Railway Station at 173km (107 miles) has 7 flights
- Bordeaux TGV at 177km (110 miles) has 7 flights
- Tours - Loire Valley at 178km (110 miles) has 14 flights
- La Rochelle at 186km (115 miles) has 47 flights
- Bordeaux at 187km (116 miles) has 544 flights
- Rodez at 191km (119 miles) has 7 flights
- La Garenne at 193km (120 miles) has 10 flights

Map with the airports locations

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6 flights from Limoges (LIG), France have been cancelled.

- from Limoges (LIG) to Birmingham (BHX), United Kingdom with Flybe
- from Limoges (LIG) to Exeter (EXT), United Kingdom with Flybe
- from Limoges (LIG) to Nottingham - East Midlands (EMA), United Kingdom with Flybe
- from Limoges (LIG) to Glenegedale (ILY), United Kingdom with Flybe
- from Limoges (LIG) to Tiree (TRE), United Kingdom with Flybe
- from Limoges (LIG) to Barra (BRR), United Kingdom with Flybe

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