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Low cost flights from Kittilä airport (KTT), FinlandAirports near Kittilä

There are 74 flights from Kittilä airport, Finland, operated by 8 airlines. You can fly low cost from Kittilä airport to 70 cities in 25 countries.

Kittilä airport is also known as Kittila airport, Kittilä (Български), Киттиля (Русский), 基蒂莱 (Chinese).

We suggest that you check for flights departing from the following airports near Kittilä:

- Pajala at 91km (56 miles) has 0 flights
- Enontekio at 94km (58 miles) has 8 flights
- Rovaniemi at 133km (82 miles) has 101 flights
- Ivalo at 146km (90 miles) has 42 flights

Map with the airports locations

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11 flights from Kittilä (KTT), Finland have been cancelled.

- from Kittilä (KTT) to Moscow-Domodedovo (DME), Russia with Ural
- from Kittilä (KTT) to Hannover (HAJ), Germany with TUIfly
- from Kittilä (KTT) to Paris Orly (ORY), France with Transavia
- from Kittilä (KTT) to Manchester (MAN), United Kingdom with Condor
- from Kittilä (KTT) to London Gatwick (LGW), United Kingdom with Condor
- from Kittilä (KTT) to Munich (MUC), Germany with TUIfly
- from Kittilä (KTT) to Glasgow (GLA), United Kingdom with Condor
- from Kittilä (KTT) to Nottingham - East Midlands (EMA), United Kingdom with Condor
- from Kittilä (KTT) to Kemi-Tornio (KEM), Finland with Norwegian
- from Kittilä (KTT) to Jaén (JAE), Peru with Lan
- from Kittilä (KTT) to London Stansted (STN), United Kingdom with Condor

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