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Low cost flights from Diwopu airport (URC), ChinaAirports near Diwopu

There are 52 flights from Diwopu airport, China, operated by 6 airlines. You can fly low cost from Diwopu airport to 40 cities in 5 countries.

Diwopu airport is also known as Urumqi airport, Урумчи (Български), Ürümqi (German), Ουρουμκουί (Ελληνικά), Urumchi (Español), 乌鲁木齐 (Chinese).

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Consider secondary airports: Secondary airports (smaller airports or airports that are further away from the city center) usually have lower airport taxes, which translate into lower ticket prices. When comparing the prices of flights that depart from 2 different airports you need to also take into account the price you pay for transportation to and from the airport (shuttle bus, train ticket, gas, etc).