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Low cost flights from De Kooy airport (DHR), NetherlandsAirports near De Kooy

There are no low cost flights departing from De Kooy airport (DHR) for the moment. We are periodically updating our database, so as soon as any low cost flight from De Kooy airport (DHR) is available, we will let you know.×

There are 0 flights from De Kooy airport, Netherlands, operated by 0 airlines. You can fly low cost from De Kooy airport to 0 cities

De Kooy airport is also known as Den Helder airport, De Koog (Ελληνικά).

We suggest that you check for flights departing from the following airports near De Kooy:

- Amsterdam at 68km (42 miles) has 1157 flights
- Rotterdam at 109km (68 miles) has 76 flights
- Groningen at 122km (76 miles) has 14 flights
- Borkum at 148km (92 miles) has 1 flight
- Enschede at 159km (98 miles) has 0 flights
- Eindhoven at 168km (104 miles) has 101 flights
- Juist at 170km (105 miles) has 1 flight
- Weeze (Düsseldorf) at 174km (108 miles) has 46 flights
- Norden-Norddeich at 178km (110 miles) has 6 flights
- Norderney at 188km (116 miles) has 1 flight
- Antwerp at 194km (120 miles) has 15 flights
- Baltrum at 195km (121 miles) has 1 flight

Map with the airports locations

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