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Low cost flights from Coventry airport (CVT), United KingdomAirports near Coventry

There are no low cost flights departing from Coventry airport (CVT) for the moment. We are periodically updating our database, so as soon as any low cost flight from Coventry airport (CVT) is available, we will let you know.×

There are 0 flights from Coventry airport, United Kingdom, operated by 0 airlines. You can fly low cost from Coventry airport to 0 cities

Coventry airport is also known as Ковънтри (Български), Κόβεντρι (Ελληνικά), Ковентри (Русский), 考文垂 (Chinese).

We suggest that you check for flights departing from the following airports near Coventry:

- Birmingham at 20km (12 miles) has 1006 flights
- Nottingham - East Midlands at 52km (32 miles) has 242 flights
- Oxford at 60km (37 miles) has 0 flights
- RAF Brize Norton at 69km (43 miles) has 5 flights
- Nottingham at 69km (43 miles) has 15 flights
- Gloucestershire at 70km (43 miles) has 0 flights
- Milton Keynes at 77km (48 miles) has 3 flights
- London Luton at 93km (58 miles) has 406 flights
- Cambridge at 114km (70 miles) has 4 flights
- Woodford at 116km (72 miles) has 0 flights
- Woodford at 116km (72 miles) has 0 flights
- London Heathrow at 121km (75 miles) has 1166 flights
- Manchester at 121km (75 miles) has 1761 flights
- Doncaster/Sheffield at 127km (79 miles) has 72 flights
- London Stansted at 128km (80 miles) has 475 flights
- London at 134km (83 miles) has 3494 flights
- Lasham Airfield at 135km (84 miles) has 0 flights
- Bristol at 139km (86 miles) has 532 flights
- Liverpool at 141km (87 miles) has 189 flights
- London City at 142km (88 miles) has 300 flights
- Hull - Humberside at 153km (95 miles) has 53 flights
- Southampton at 158km (98 miles) has 268 flights
- London Gatwick at 162km (100 miles) has 1113 flights
- Leeds Bradford at 166km (103 miles) has 169 flights
- Cardiff at 167km (104 miles) has 346 flights
- London Southend at 173km (107 miles) has 34 flights
- Bournemouth at 178km (111 miles) has 38 flights
- Blackpool at 187km (116 miles) has 0 flights
- Norwich at 190km (118 miles) has 183 flights

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15 flights from Coventry (CVT), United Kingdom have been cancelled.

- from Coventry (CVT) to Alicante (ALC), Spain with Thomsonfly
- from Coventry (CVT) to Amsterdam (AMS), Netherlands with Thomsonfly
- from Coventry (CVT) to Barcelona (BCN), Spain with Thomsonfly
- from Coventry (CVT) to Faro (FAO), Portugal with Thomsonfly
- from Coventry (CVT) to Grenoble/Lyons (GNB), France with Thomsonfly
- from Coventry (CVT) to Ibiza (IBZ), Spain with Thomsonfly
- from Coventry (CVT) to Jersey (JER), United Kingdom with Thomsonfly
- from Coventry (CVT) to Malaga (AGP), Spain with Thomsonfly
- from Coventry (CVT) to Palma de Mallorca (PMI), Spain with Thomsonfly
- from Coventry (CVT) to Paris Orly (ORY), France with Thomsonfly
- from Coventry (CVT) to Pisa (PSA), Italy with Thomsonfly
- from Coventry (CVT) to Salzburg (SZG), Austria with Thomsonfly
- from Coventry (CVT) to Valencia (VLC), Spain with Thomsonfly
- from Coventry (CVT) to Gdansk (GDN), Poland with WizzAir
- from Coventry (CVT) to Katowice (KTW), Poland with WizzAir

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An indirect flight: If there is no direct flight on your desired route and you have to change planes in order to reach your destination, you should take into account three very important "details".
  • First of all, you will have to buy your flight tickets separately, as if they were for two separate journeys. It may therefore happen that the sum you pay for the two flight tickets, especially if you buy them shortly before your flight date, be almost equal to the price you would pay for a direct flight with a regular line. Check and compare prices well before buying!
  • Moreover, when you arrive at the airport where need to change flights, you must collect your luggage yourself, as if your journey were over. Afterwards, you need to leave the airport security area, check-in for the second flight and go through the security check once again before boarding the second plane. Be extremely careful, as this could sometimes take more than 3 hours!
  • Last but not least, if your first flight is late, the next one will not wait for you, even if it is operated by the same airline. That is due to the policy of low cost companies which states that flights are independent from one another. Low cost airlines are not responsible for your losing the onward flights, no matter what.