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Airports near Paraparaumu airport (PPQ), New Zealand

Paraparaumu airport - view flight list

Airport nameParaparaumu
IATA Airport CodePPQ
ICAO Airport CodeKPPQ
CountryNew Zealand
Cheap flights112
Cheap airlines2

Airports near Paraparaumu airport (PPQ), New Zealand

Wellington at 49.84 km.   See all flights from Wellington 274 flights
Masterton at 55.16 km.   See all flights from Masterton 14 flights
Palmerston North at 83.82 km.   See all flights from Palmerston North 116 flights
Wanganui at 103.92 km.   See all flights from Wanganui 112 flights
Blenheim at 113.77 km.   See all flights from Blenheim 112 flights
Pacific Blue operates 347 flights in the Paraparaumu airport (PPQ), New Zealand area Virgin Australia operates 248 flights in the Paraparaumu airport (PPQ), New Zealand area Lan operates 28 flights in the Paraparaumu airport (PPQ), New Zealand area Virgin Blue operates 2 flights in the Paraparaumu airport (PPQ), New Zealand area Virgin Atlantic operates 2 flights in the Paraparaumu airport (PPQ), New Zealand area Scoot operates 1 flights in the Paraparaumu airport (PPQ), New Zealand area

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Cities near Paraparaumu airport (PPQ), New Zealand

Heretaunga (distance between Heretaunga and Paraparaumu airport: 28.14 km) at 28.14 km
Lower Hutt (distance between Lower Hutt and Paraparaumu airport: 35.69 km) at 35.69 km
Mangaroa (distance between Mangaroa and Paraparaumu airport: 26.60 km) at 26.60 km
Ohau (distance between Ohau and Paraparaumu airport: 34.34 km) at 34.34 km
Otaki (distance between Otaki and Paraparaumu airport: 21.11 km) at 21.11 km
Otaki Beach (distance between Otaki Beach and Paraparaumu airport: 20.14 km) at 20.14 km
Paekakariki (distance between Paekakariki and Paraparaumu airport: 9.69 km) at 9.69 km
Paraparaumu (distance between Paraparaumu and Paraparaumu airport: 3.39 km) at 3.39 km
Paraparaumu Beach (distance between Paraparaumu Beach and Paraparaumu airport: 0.03 km) at 0.03 km
Pauatahanui (distance between Pauatahanui and Paraparaumu airport: 22.95 km) at 22.95 km
Pigeon Bush (distance between Pigeon Bush and Paraparaumu airport: 36.63 km) at 36.63 km
Plimmerton (distance between Plimmerton and Paraparaumu airport: 22.62 km) at 22.62 km
Porirua (distance between Porirua and Paraparaumu airport: 28.28 km) at 28.28 km
Pukerua Bay (distance between Pukerua Bay and Paraparaumu airport: 16.41 km) at 16.41 km
Raumati Beach (distance between Raumati Beach and Paraparaumu airport: 1.86 km) at 1.86 km
Raumati South (distance between Raumati South and Paraparaumu airport: 5.57 km) at 5.57 km
Silverstream (distance between Silverstream and Paraparaumu airport: 27.86 km) at 27.86 km
Summit (distance between Summit and Paraparaumu airport: 33.24 km) at 33.24 km
Taita (distance between Taita and Paraparaumu airport: 33.51 km) at 33.51 km
Te Horo (distance between Te Horo and Paraparaumu airport: 14.84 km) at 14.84 km
Titahi Bay (distance between Titahi Bay and Paraparaumu airport: 25.59 km) at 25.59 km
Trentham (distance between Trentham and Paraparaumu airport: 26.30 km) at 26.30 km
Upper Hutt (distance between Upper Hutt and Paraparaumu airport: 26.14 km) at 26.14 km
Waikanae (distance between Waikanae and Paraparaumu airport: 7.28 km) at 7.28 km

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