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Airports near Opunake, New Zealand

Airports near Opunake, New Zealand

New Plymouth at 56.68 km.   See all flights from New Plymouth 116 flights
Wanganui at 114.35 km.   See all flights from Wanganui 112 flights
Palmerston North at 178.41 km.   See all flights from Palmerston North 116 flights
Paraparaumu at 187.08 km.   See all flights from Paraparaumu 112 flights
Taupo at 210.62 km.   See all flights from Taupo 112 flights
Nelson at 212.36 km.   See all flights from Nelson 116 flights
Pacific Blue operates 336 flights in the Opunake, New Zealand area Virgin Australia operates 336 flights in the Opunake, New Zealand area Lan operates 12 flights in the Opunake, New Zealand area

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Cities near Opunake, New Zealand

Bell Block (distance between Bell Block and Opunake, New Zealand: 53.32 km) at 53.32 km
Douglas (distance between Douglas and Opunake, New Zealand: 55.18 km) at 55.18 km
Egmont Village (distance between Egmont Village and Opunake, New Zealand: 42.30 km) at 42.30 km
Eltham (distance between Eltham and Opunake, New Zealand: 38.10 km) at 38.10 km
Fitzroy (distance between Fitzroy and Opunake, New Zealand: 49.73 km) at 49.73 km
Hawera (distance between Hawera and Opunake, New Zealand: 39.51 km) at 39.51 km
Hillsborough (distance between Hillsborough and Opunake, New Zealand: 46.90 km) at 46.90 km
Kaponga (distance between Kaponga and Opunake, New Zealand: 25.22 km) at 25.22 km
Manaia (distance between Manaia and Opunake, New Zealand: 25.85 km) at 25.85 km
Meremere (distance between Meremere and Opunake, New Zealand: 47.26 km) at 47.26 km
New Plymouth (distance between New Plymouth and Opunake, New Zealand: 47.43 km) at 47.43 km
Oakura (distance between Oakura and Opunake, New Zealand: 38.54 km) at 38.54 km
Okato (distance between Okato and Opunake, New Zealand: 28.53 km) at 28.53 km
Patea (distance between Patea and Opunake, New Zealand: 63.30 km) at 63.30 km
Rahotu (distance between Rahotu and Opunake, New Zealand: 14.50 km) at 14.50 km
Rowan (distance between Rowan and Opunake, New Zealand: 23.11 km) at 23.11 km
Stratford (distance between Stratford and Opunake, New Zealand: 38.92 km) at 38.92 km
Urenui (distance between Urenui and Opunake, New Zealand: 67.97 km) at 67.97 km
Waitara (distance between Waitara and Opunake, New Zealand: 68.05 km) at 68.05 km

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