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Airports near airport (OGU), Turkey

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Airport name
IATA Airport CodeOGU
ICAO Airport CodeLTCB
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Airports near airport (OGU), Turkey

Samsun-Carsamba at 129.58 km.   See all flights from Samsun-Carsamba 100 flights
Trabzon at 144.93 km.   See all flights from Trabzon 118 flights
Samsun at 151.64 km.   See all flights from Samsun 3 flights
Tokat at 161.22 km.   See all flights from Tokat 4 flights
Sivas at 161.85 km.   See all flights from Sivas 65 flights
Pegasus operates 198 flights in the  airport (OGU), Turkey area SunExpress operates 44 flights in the  airport (OGU), Turkey area AtlasJet operates 16 flights in the  airport (OGU), Turkey area Eurowings operates 8 flights in the  airport (OGU), Turkey area Sky Airlines operates 7 flights in the  airport (OGU), Turkey area Borajet operates 7 flights in the  airport (OGU), Turkey area

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Cities near airport (OGU), Turkey

Bulancak (distance between Bulancak and airport: 15.18 km) at 15.18 km
Burhanettin (distance between Burhanettin and airport: 15.29 km) at 15.29 km
Eren (distance between Eren and airport: 4.46 km) at 4.46 km
Fatsa (distance between Fatsa and airport: 47.83 km) at 47.83 km
Giresun (distance between Giresun and airport: 27.67 km) at 27.67 km
Golkoy (distance between Golkoy and airport: 48.90 km) at 48.90 km
Gurgentepe (distance between Gurgentepe and airport: 43.81 km) at 43.81 km
Hürriyet (distance between Hurriyet and airport: 45.29 km) at 45.29 km
Kuskaya (distance between Kuskaya and airport: 46.53 km) at 46.53 km
Menekse (distance between Menekse and airport: 42.88 km) at 42.88 km
Mensa (distance between Mensa and airport: 19.86 km) at 19.86 km
Ordu (distance between Ordu and airport: 15.77 km) at 15.77 km
ozlu (distance between ozlu and airport: 41.37 km) at 41.37 km
Ramazan (distance between Ramazan and airport: 30.70 km) at 30.70 km
Side (distance between Side and airport: 47.83 km) at 47.83 km
Tepeoren (distance between Tepeoren and airport: 21.14 km) at 21.14 km
Yenikent (distance between Yenikent and airport: 53.26 km) at 53.26 km
Yuce (distance between Yuce and airport: 49.35 km) at 49.35 km

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