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Airports near Morelia airport (MLM), Mexico

Morelia airport - view flight list

Airport nameMorelia
IATA Airport CodeMLM
ICAO Airport CodeMMMM
Cheap flights155
Cheap airlines5

Airports near Morelia airport (MLM), Mexico

Queretaro at 110.12 km.   See all flights from Queretaro 107 flights
Uruapan at 117.65 km.   See all flights from Uruapan 8 flights
Leon at 135.86 km.   See all flights from Leon 299 flights
Toluca at 163.32 km.   See all flights from Toluca 50 flights
Mexico City at 209.80 km.   See all flights from Mexico City 711 flights
Aeromexico operates 347 flights in the Morelia airport (MLM), Mexico area Lan operates 262 flights in the Morelia airport (MLM), Mexico area Interjet operates 170 flights in the Morelia airport (MLM), Mexico area Southwest Airlines operates 88 flights in the Morelia airport (MLM), Mexico area Volaris operates 82 flights in the Morelia airport (MLM), Mexico area TACA operates 76 flights in the Morelia airport (MLM), Mexico area

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Cities near Morelia airport (MLM), Mexico

Acambaro (distance between Acambaro and Morelia airport: 36.78 km) at 36.78 km
Acuitzio (distance between Acuitzio and Morelia airport: 51.99 km) at 51.99 km
Andocutin (distance between Andocutin and Morelia airport: 19.97 km) at 19.97 km
Charo (distance between Charo and Morelia airport: 11.40 km) at 11.40 km
Coeneo (distance between Coeneo and Morelia airport: 58.51 km) at 58.51 km
Cuanajo (distance between Cuanajo and Morelia airport: 65.72 km) at 65.72 km
Cuitareo (distance between Cuitareo and Morelia airport: 51.55 km) at 51.55 km
Cuitzeo (distance between Cuitzeo and Morelia airport: 19.78 km) at 19.78 km
Cuitzeo Del Porvenir (distance between Cuitzeo Del Porvenir and Morelia airport: 18.21 km) at 18.21 km
Hidalgo (distance between Hidalgo and Morelia airport: 51.45 km) at 51.45 km
Huandacareo (distance between Huandacareo and Morelia airport: 30.80 km) at 30.80 km
Indaparapeo (distance between Indaparapeo and Morelia airport: 9.59 km) at 9.59 km
Iramuco (distance between Iramuco and Morelia airport: 15.91 km) at 15.91 km
Irimbo (distance between Irimbo and Morelia airport: 59.59 km) at 59.59 km
Jaral Del Progreso (distance between Jaral Del Progreso and Morelia airport: 57.70 km) at 57.70 km
Jerecuaro (distance between Jerecuaro and Morelia airport: 62.79 km) at 62.79 km
La Moncada (distance between La Moncada and Morelia airport: 52.04 km) at 52.04 km
Maravatio (distance between Maravatio and Morelia airport: 35.38 km) at 35.38 km
Morelia (distance between Morelia and Morelia airport: 19.23 km) at 19.23 km
Moroleon (distance between Moroleon and Morelia airport: 36.47 km) at 36.47 km
Paracuaro (distance between Paracuaro and Morelia airport: 42.97 km) at 42.97 km
Puruandiro (distance between Puruandiro and Morelia airport: 56.05 km) at 56.05 km
Querendaro (distance between Querendaro and Morelia airport: 15.89 km) at 15.89 km
Quiroga (distance between Quiroga and Morelia airport: 56.95 km) at 56.95 km
Rincon De Tamayo (distance between Rincon De Tamayo and Morelia airport: 69.35 km) at 69.35 km
Salvatierra (distance between Salvatierra and Morelia airport: 43.47 km) at 43.47 km
San Pedro De Los Naranjos (distance between San Pedro De Los Naranjos and Morelia airport: 44.77 km) at 44.77 km
Santa Fe De La Laguna (distance between Santa Fe De La Laguna and Morelia airport: 58.62 km) at 58.62 km
Santiago Maravatío (distance between Santiago Maravatio and Morelia airport: 35.38 km) at 35.38 km
Sotelo (distance between Sotelo and Morelia airport: 66.95 km) at 66.95 km
Tafetan (distance between Tafetan and Morelia airport: 49.15 km) at 49.15 km
Tarimbaro (distance between Tarimbaro and Morelia airport: 13.49 km) at 13.49 km
Tarimoro (distance between Tarimoro and Morelia airport: 56.19 km) at 56.19 km
Tzintzuntzan (distance between Tzintzuntzan and Morelia airport: 63.93 km) at 63.93 km
Uriangato (distance between Uriangato and Morelia airport: 37.27 km) at 37.27 km
Valle De Santiago (distance between Valle De Santiago and Morelia airport: 62.13 km) at 62.13 km
Villa Jimenez (distance between Villa Jimenez and Morelia airport: 58.85 km) at 58.85 km
Villachuato (distance between Villachuato and Morelia airport: 68.17 km) at 68.17 km
Vista Hermosa (distance between Vista Hermosa and Morelia airport: 18.93 km) at 18.93 km
Yuriria (distance between Yuriria and Morelia airport: 41.11 km) at 41.11 km
Zinapecuaro (distance between Zinapecuaro and Morelia airport: 21.88 km) at 21.88 km

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