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Airports near Langeoog airport (LGO), Germany

Langeoog airport - view flight list

Airport nameLangeoog
IATA Airport CodeLGO
Cheap flights1
Cheap airlines1

Airports near Langeoog airport (LGO), Germany

Baltrum at 7.26 km.   See all flights from Baltrum 1 flights
Norderney at 23.69 km.   See all flights from Norderney 1 flights
Norden-Norddeich at 24.97 km.   See all flights from Norden-Norddeich 6 flights
Wangerooge at 27.86 km.   See all flights from Wangerooge 1 flights
Juist at 33.10 km.   See all flights from Juist 1 flights
FLN Frisia Luftverkehr operates 10 flights in the Langeoog airport (LGO), Germany area

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Cities near Langeoog airport (LGO), Germany

Baltrum (distance between Baltrum and Langeoog airport: 8.34 km) at 8.34 km
Bensersiel (distance between Bensersiel and Langeoog airport: 8.90 km) at 8.90 km
Dornumersiel (distance between Dornumersiel and Langeoog airport: 8.61 km) at 8.61 km
Langeoog (distance between Langeoog and Langeoog airport: 1.03 km) at 1.03 km
Reidump (distance between Reidump and Langeoog airport: 10.43 km) at 10.43 km
Siepkwerdum (distance between Siepkwerdum and Langeoog airport: 10.64 km) at 10.64 km

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