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Airports near Diu airport (DIU), India

Diu airport - view flight list

Airport nameDiu
IATA Airport CodeDIU
ICAO Airport CodeVA1P
Cheap flights2
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Airports near Diu airport (DIU), India

Bhavnagar at 168.50 km.   See all flights from Bhavnagar 70 flights
Porbandar at 171.34 km.   See all flights from Porbandar 2 flights
Rajkot, Gujarat at 176.66 km.   See all flights from Rajkot, Gujarat 71 flights
Surat at 187.14 km.   See all flights from Surat 81 flights
Jamnagar, Gujarat at 217.53 km.   See all flights from Jamnagar, Gujarat 0 flights
Flydubai operates 138 flights in the Diu airport (DIU), India area IndiGo operates 67 flights in the Diu airport (DIU), India area SpiceJet operates 14 flights in the Diu airport (DIU), India area Jet Airways operates 5 flights in the Diu airport (DIU), India area

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Cities near Diu airport (DIU), India

Rajula (distance between Rajula and Diu airport: 58.58 km) at 58.58 km
Somnath (distance between Somnath and Diu airport: 66.29 km) at 66.29 km
Vadodra (distance between Vadodra and Diu airport: 48.77 km) at 48.77 km
Veraval (distance between Veraval and Diu airport: 66.78 km) at 66.78 km
Victor (distance between Victor and Diu airport: 69.10 km) at 69.10 km

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