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Airports near Chiclayo airport (CIX), Peru

Chiclayo airport - view flight list

Airport nameChiclayo
IATA Airport CodeCIX
ICAO Airport CodeSPHI
Cheap flights244
Cheap airlines3

Airports near Chiclayo airport (CIX), Peru

Cajamarca at 152.74 km.   See all flights from Cajamarca 150 flights
Cap C Martinez De Pinillos at 165.04 km.   See all flights from Cap C Martinez De Pinillos 250 flights
Jaén at 177.21 km.   See all flights from Jaén 361 flights
Piura at 196.55 km.   See all flights from Piura 265 flights
Talara at 292.44 km.   See all flights from Talara 204 flights
Lan operates 1082 flights in the Chiclayo airport (CIX), Peru area TACA operates 141 flights in the Chiclayo airport (CIX), Peru area Avianca operates 6 flights in the Chiclayo airport (CIX), Peru area Peruvian Airlines operates 1 flights in the Chiclayo airport (CIX), Peru area

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Cities near Chiclayo airport (CIX), Peru

Bola De Oro (distance between Bola De Oro and Chiclayo airport: 14.12 km) at 14.12 km
Chepen (distance between Chepen and Chiclayo airport: 63.40 km) at 63.40 km
Chiclayo (distance between Chiclayo and Chiclayo airport: 2.22 km) at 2.22 km
Chongoyape (distance between Chongoyape and Chiclayo airport: 51.19 km) at 51.19 km
El Conde (distance between El Conde and Chiclayo airport: 71.41 km) at 71.41 km
Eten (distance between Eten and Chiclayo airport: 13.95 km) at 13.95 km
Ferreñafe (distance between Ferrenafe and Chiclayo airport: 17.15 km) at 17.15 km
Guadalupe (distance between Guadalupe and Chiclayo airport: 63.97 km) at 63.97 km
Lambayeque (distance between Lambayeque and Chiclayo airport: 12.97 km) at 12.97 km
Oyotun (distance between Oyotun and Chiclayo airport: 58.38 km) at 58.38 km
Pacasmayo (distance between Pacasmayo and Chiclayo airport: 73.83 km) at 73.83 km
Picsi (distance between Picsi and Chiclayo airport: 10.12 km) at 10.12 km
Pimentel (distance between Pimentel and Chiclayo airport: 12.94 km) at 12.94 km
San Pedro De Lloc (distance between San Pedro De Lloc and Chiclayo airport: 80.10 km) at 80.10 km
Sana (distance between Sana and Chiclayo airport: 30.79 km) at 30.79 km
Tuman (distance between Tuman and Chiclayo airport: 14.76 km) at 14.76 km

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