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Airports near Amritsar airport (ATQ), India

Amritsar airport - view flight list

Airport nameAmritsar
IATA Airport CodeATQ
ICAO Airport CodeVIAR
Cheap flights336
Cheap airlines7

Airports near Amritsar airport (ATQ), India

Lahore, Pakistan at 42.86 km.   See all flights from Lahore 155 flights
Sialkot, Pakistan at 92.14 km.   See all flights from Sialkot 191 flights
Jammu at 109.38 km.   See all flights from Jammu 205 flights
Dharamshala at 153.40 km.   See all flights from Dharamshala 16 flights
Faisalabad International Airport, Pakistan at 171.85 km.   See all flights from Faisalabad International Airport 192 flights
Flydubai operates 450 flights in the Amritsar airport (ATQ), India area Lion Air operates 141 flights in the Amritsar airport (ATQ), India area IndiGo operates 98 flights in the Amritsar airport (ATQ), India area SpiceJet operates 34 flights in the Amritsar airport (ATQ), India area GoAir operates 17 flights in the Amritsar airport (ATQ), India area airblue operates 7 flights in the Amritsar airport (ATQ), India area

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Cities near Amritsar airport (ATQ), India

Amritsar (distance between Amritsar and Amritsar airport: 10.40 km) at 10.40 km
Batala (distance between Batala and Amritsar airport: 40.15 km) at 40.15 km
Bhasin (distance between Bhasin and Amritsar airport: 29.05 km) at 29.05 km
Dhilwan (distance between Dhilwan and Amritsar airport: 56.36 km) at 56.36 km
Faisal Town, Pakistan (distance between Faisal Town, Pakistan and Amritsar airport: 52.95 km) at 52.95 km
Kalaswala, Pakistan (distance between Kalaswala, Pakistan and Amritsar airport: 56.60 km) at 56.60 km
Lahore, Pakistan (distance between Lahore, Pakistan and Amritsar airport: 46.61 km) at 46.61 km
Lahore Cantonment, Pakistan (distance between Lahore Cantonment, Pakistan and Amritsar airport: 44.98 km) at 44.98 km
Muzaffar, Pakistan (distance between Muzaffar, Pakistan and Amritsar airport: 49.12 km) at 49.12 km
Narang, Pakistan (distance between Narang, Pakistan and Amritsar airport: 35.20 km) at 35.20 km
Narowal, Pakistan (distance between Narowal, Pakistan and Amritsar airport: 44.40 km) at 44.40 km
Patti (distance between Patti and Amritsar airport: 47.81 km) at 47.81 km
Tarn Taran (distance between Tarn Taran and Amritsar airport: 31.06 km) at 31.06 km

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