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Airline: Aer Lingus

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Aer Lingus airlines
Aer Lingus airlines
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Number of low cost routes: 176

Traveller reviews

  • R Gibson flying from Dublin to Faro
    Very good and was very reliable. Good cabin crew on board. Dublin airport was great.
  • Sharon Maloney flying from Belfast City to Malaga
    Fast efficient friendly staff. Great price , comfortable plane good service on board
  • doug heys flying from Belfast City to Malaga
    Great flight and service onbooard.
    App for phone and tablet poor.
    Not being able to check in and save boarding pass to app inconvenient at best...look at easyjet and ryanair app and model.
  • JohnS flying from London Heathrow to Cork
    Not the airline it used to be, cabin crew uninterested in passengers, customers packed in like sardines. Have been flying with them for over 50 years and steady decline continues. Pity!
  • D O'Sullivan flying from Dublin to Brussels
    Flight out over an hour delayed, seat covered in crumbs, and rubbish in seat pocket. Efficient and friendly crew. Return flight pretty much on time. Crew good. Return BRU flight at 9.15pm is not very customer friendly given it is one of the highest yielding routes and most customers finish their EU business at 6pm so are left waiting for a few hours. A change in schedule to leave Dublin at 4.30pm/5pm, and use the aircraft on return for a UK route would be much more customer friendly.

Low cost airports used by Aer Lingus

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