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On LowCostRoutes.com our main purpose is to provide you with the full list of low cost flights offered by cheap airlines. We aim to give you the best information and to keep you up to date with all the new flights and new destinations. We search for your flight on the websites of all the low cost airlines, we sort and filter the results and we only offer you the relevant low cost flights. That's why you will always be sure to find the cheapest flight available on LowCostRoutes.com.

How to book a low cost flight?

Step 1: Use the search form above to find out which cheap airlines offer low cost flights from the airport nearest to you to your desired destination.
Step 2: Check the full list of low cost airlines that fly on your desired route.
Step 3: Book your flight with just one click, directly on the cheap airline's website.
The largest cheap airline companies are: Ryanair, EasyJet, airBerlin, TUIfly, air arabia, Thomsonfly in Europe and Southwest Airlines and JetBlue in USA. Each of these airlines operates cheap flights on more than 1000 low cost routes. You can also check the full list of cheap airlines that offer low cost flights worldwide.

Which is the cheapest flight?

The cheapest flight you can find online is the one you book directly on the website of the airline without paying any travel agent's booking fees and surcharges. You only pay for the low cost flight you need and nothing else. That's why we don't charge anything for the service we offer. We just direct you to the website of the low cost airline so that you can book the discounted flight tickets using the airline's secure payment form.
Interested in flying to the UK, Germany, France, Italy or the USA? Would you like to visit Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, India or Romania? We offer hundreds of low cost flights to each of these destinations! For other countries check the full list of flights here.

What is a low cost airline?

A cheap airline or low cost airline (also known as a no-frills or cheap / low-cost carrier) is an airline that offers low fares while charging for food, checked-in luggage or fast boarding, (services which are free when flying with regular airlines). The first low cost airlines were founded in the USA. In the early 1990s the low-cost model was adopted in Europe and it subsequently spread all over the world. Some low cost airlines also operate long-distance flights. The term low-cost airline is now used to describe any carrier that offers low cost flight tickets regardless of the operating model it uses. To learn more about lowcost flights visit Wikipedia. Also, learn how to find and book a cheap flight.

Tips for Flying > Buy tickets

Should I buy my ticket online or through a travel agent?: Most travel agents also sell tickets for lowcost flights. A travel agent usually buys a large number of tickets at once, so that he may have some discount on the total price. But he adds a commission to the initial price. So if you buy your ticket through a travel agent you may pay a higher final price for your plane ticket. It's always a good idea to compare prices before buying your ticket. However, keep in mind that the cheapest tickets sell first, so don't waste too much time comparing!